What can I do with a rug that is beyond repair?

There are a whole range of possibilities.

1) You can do nothing, put it in a quiet corner and enjoy it as it disintegrates with dignity.

2) You can stabilize its condition by strengthening the edges and weak areas either by simple appropriate sewing or backing onto a supporting material and continue using it on the floor.

3) Use as a decorative wall hanging by either attaching it directly to the wall or mounting onto a frame.

4) Occasionally a large carpet or runner can be reduced in size by cutting out the damaged area and re-adjusting the borders and sewing together. Usually works well if in good pile and damage is localized.

5) If some parts are in good condition pieces could be cut out and displayed by sensitive mounting made into a "picture" or wall hanging. This can be very effective if the rug is old and has beautiful vibrant natural dyes and has artistic merit in its design. Just recently I mounted 2 sections of a border from a wonderful 150 year old Turkman carpet. These were left over after (#4) above was carried out and came as a bonus!

6) And there are always cushions. Over the years I have made hundreds of wonderful cushions from fragments of old rugs both for myself and for clients. I remember one large battered Causasion rug inherited from a client's favourite aunt from which I made 17 cushions which were then distributed amongst his extended family for Christmas.

7) I have also seen pieces of rug incorporated into upholstering furniture, made into handbags, purses, hats and belts.

Except for the first option - all other procedures are probably best tackled by a professional.

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