What to do about moth damage?

In the last 3 years there has been a huge increase in moth damage including Oriental rugs.

The clothes moth is up to 1 cm long, of a silvery brown colour, often flying in a fluttering circular motion. When attacked by trying to swat it off, drops to the floor often disappearing.

Moths are attracted to places which are dark, undisturbed and damp. They lay eggs in protein based fibres, ie: wool, silk and fur. The eggs are small and translucent and difficult to see. When they hatch a small white grub comes out and feeds on the fibres until it reaches full size. It produces a white cocoon and finally emerges as the moth. It is in the grub phase that the damage is done. Moth damage in Oriental rugs shows as lines or round areas of cropped pile, if the rug is thin and with a wool foundation there is also  a likelihood of holes. Vulnerable situations are when stored rolled up in a cupboard, underneath heavy low furniture that does not get moved, on the back of rugs in parts that are not walked on, or on the back of rugs hung on a wall. So it is a good policy especially if you see moths flying about, to check your rugs regularly.

If you find them, brush and vacuum the area repeatedly, put it out into direct sunlight and apply a moth killer. ("Constrain" by www.historyonics.com is good). Alternatively after vacuuming you can put the rug in a deep freeze (-28c) for a month.  If there is extensive damage you would need to seek professional help to assess the cost and viability of the repair.

We can make that assessment for you and repair moth damage.

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