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Bergema Heybe - Western Anatolia

BERGEMA HEYBE- Western Anatolia

Date:  Late 19th Century

Size: 1ft 4inch X 4ft 7in (40X140cm)


Warps: wool ivory, flat

Wefts: wool, red and ivory 204 shoots

Pile: wool

Knots: symmetric

Description: A complete saddlebag with full pile on faces, with a flat-wove back in different colours. The central section has a slit woven in it. The soft wool with the characteristic colours as well as the floppy handle point to a Bergama origin.

Condition: Good condition with full pile. There is some damage to the edges of the pile area as well as the flat-weave. Although the condition is good the colours  and weave indicate a good age.



Kagizman Rug

Kagizman Rug  - Mid 19th Century  Eastern Anatolia

Size 6ft 11in x 3ft 10in (2.11m x 1.17m)


Warps:Ivory wool

Wefts: brown wool 4-6 shoots

Pile :Wool. Symmetric knot

Sides: 2 cord alternating colours partly original

Ends: Top; original red and brown with brocading and webbing. Bottom ;1 inch red flat weave, the rest  is missing.

Description: Four central panels, three with "Memling" guls and fourth with latch hook rectangles. The panels are separated by blue X shaped motifs with a very simple reciprocal border, differing on the horizontal and vertical sides. Note the extra row of X motifs at each end giving the effect of a skirt at each end.

Condition: The rug is almost complete missing about 4 inches of the skirt at the lower end. The pile is low in places and some areas of the central field have been re-piled. The side finishes have been repaired in places.


Kurd Carpet

Kurd Carpet  -  late 19th Century  NW Persian

Size: 8ft 2in x 4ft 8 in


Warps: Ivory wool.

Wefts: Red wool 2-4 shoots

Pile: wool symmetric wool

Sides: single cord wrapped in blue wool

Ends: original blue flatweave with brocading, top finish webbing.

Description: Six pairs of hexagons surrounded by filler motifs, and separated by narrow bands against a dark blue field. A simple main border with Ivory background. The handle is heavy due to well packed heavy wefts. The pile is thick with coarse but shiny wool.

Condition: The rug is complete with original ends and sides. The sides have been mostly re-wrapped in blue wool to match original. There is some corrosion of the black and aubergine typical of rugs of this age and some re-piling has been done mainly in the lower left hand corner.


Yomut Mafrash

YOMUT MAFRASH - Mid 19th C Turkmenistan Central Asia

Size: 2ft 8ins x 1ft  (82cms x 30cms)


Warps: Ivory wool

Wefts: Brown wool

Pile: wool symmetric knot

Colours: Red, Mahogany, Yellow, Mid Green, Dark Blue, Ivory, Black.

Sides: Two cord with some wrapping in field colour. Original on one side , reduced on other.

Ends: no end finishes, reduced to some degree.

Description: Typical Yomut guls in field with quatered centres in mahogany and green secondary Tschemtsche Gul,  the main border a series of ivory crosses.

Condition: Low pile outer border on left missing 1 inch, end finishes missing. Minor repair in field and top left corner, made up edge to left side.


Kurd Boteh

KURD BOTEH - Origin Northern Kurd Group

Date: Late 19th Century

Size 4ft 8 in X 3ft 6in (137X107cm)


Warps: wool ivory and brown

Wefts: wool, grey, 2 shoots

Pile: wool

Knots: symmetric

Sides: single, wrapped goats wool in parts

Ends: original missing

Dyes: vegetal

Description: Rows of botehs (bushes?) arrange horizontally across the red field, the background has a wide abrash (variation of tone). The inner border is found often in Causaian rugs whereas the main border more often from Turkey.

Condition: Good, there has been some repiling in the centre where the pile is low in places. The borders are in thick pile. There has been some reweaving at each end to the outer guard stripe.


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