Most Recent Work

I have just completed more than a months work on this beautiful old Kurd rug. A similar piece is illustrated in James Burn's book Antique Rugs of Durdistand (pp202-3).

First I gave it a really good clean, and then put in the warps and wefts along the sides. The picture below shows work at this stage.

The next stage was the re-weaving of the lower border, where I first put in new warps, then stretched it out on a frame and put in the wefts. The rug was then turned over, put on the stretcher again and the pile re-woven as shown below.


 Each row had to be accurately planned so that the pattern was matched to the old rug.



Top edge with new warps put in.


Top edge put on frame ready for old warps that are too short to be

trimmed off.



Knotting of the pile nearly complete.



Top end complete after trimming the pile and finishings.


Restoration complete after edges re-piled and selvage repaired where needed.

It was a very satisfying job on a genuine tribal rug. Rugs of this quality and age are becoming increasingly rare these days.