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 How I started

I have been in the rug restoration business since 1976, when I met my first instructor Karl Kovarik. He kindly took me on as an apprentice needing very little persuasion on my part. I loved the work; immediately enjoying working with my hands, and having the time to really do the job well. In the first two years I also had the opportunity to travel in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India to spend time in the countries where the rugs originated as well as see modern production.

After serving my apprenticeship I moved to London and set myself up in business on my own, working for the well-known dealers in a very exciting time for antique rugs. They were also very demanding customers as many of them had started in the business as restorers, so I learnt a great deal more. Since then I have worked for a wide range of clients, collectors, enthusiasts, museums and large Institutions as well as ordinary people with a rug that needs attention.

Meeting your needs

I offer a full service on all aspects of Oriental rugs:

  • Cleaning by hand using neutral cleaning agents
  • Repairs from securing edges to re-weaving holes
  • Insurance work
  • Valuations
  • Mounting and display of textiles

What to do

Contact me either via email, adding a photograph of the rug, (both a full picture of the rug to aid identification and a close-up or the damaged areas). Or call me on 0787 981 0997

A full estimate is given prior to undertaking any work.  


I use the best available materials. Most of the wool has been dyed on the premises for best colour matching.  All the cleaning is done by hand, using neutral soaps. The procedures are adjusted to ensure the best results and care of your rug.


These figures are to give you a rough guide as rugs are so variable that it is impossible to give firm estimates without seeing them face to face.

Cleaning averages between £16-20 per metre square, with a minimum charge of £40 per rug.

Securing an end of a rug 1 1/2 metres wide would be £40-80.

Re-weaving a hole 40cms square would be £40-120 depending on the weave.

Written valuations 1% of value with a minimum of £25

Payment: Full payment is expected on the completion of the work. For large projects payments may be in parts by prior arrangement. 

Do you know my work already?

My work regularly appears in various publications. Following is a small selection of the rugs I have worked on, ranging from the sublime (15- 16th Century Anatolian pieces) to modern Iranian rugs:

John Thompson, Carpet Magic
p68 Yuruk Eastern Turkey
p102 Khotan

David Black and Clive Loveless, Woven Gardens
Plates 1,11,15.

Hali  Vol 5 No 4 page 502

Hali 62 p92 Early Village Rug

Hali 100 p162 

Eberhart Herrman, Kaukasische Teppichkuntst Plate 22

References available upon request. Please also see my customer satisfaction page.