Wall mounting antique rugs and textiles?

I am often asked "What is the best way to display a rug, tapestry or textile on the wall?"

A piece skilfully hung on the wall with good lighting can enormously improve its visual impact.

The two main options are to mount it just as it is or to attach it onto a backing material, stretch it onto a frame and hang like a picture.

To mount it as is, the best way is to hand sew "Velcro' along the top at the back. Then cut a suitable piece of wood, attach the Velcro to it and then screw it directly to the wall.

Oriental rugs, particularly old ones are often not square so that needs to be taken into account in the positioning of the Velcro. If the rug has a tendency to curl when hung a second piece may be needed along the bottom.

If the piece is fragile, thin or delicate, it may work best to mount it onto a stretcher frame similar to an artist's canvas. First a background material is chosen.

Recently I  mounted three carpet fragments, two onto neutral linen and the third onto a deep blue material.

A judgment also needs to be made as to the width of the surround for best visual effect. If the piece has any weak or damaged areas these can be couched down to stabilise its condition. It is then made up with Velcro along the edges and mounted onto the frame. It is good to have a frame that is easily disassembled for easy storage, movement or cleaning. Velcro is convenient for making finer adjustments to get the hang right.

If you are not skilled in these types of tasks it is best to have it done professionally.

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