How a Demolition Contractor Can Use Ecommerce to Increase their Business

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The advent of the internet was a watershed moment in the history of mankind. With time, the internet has evolved from a basic tool of communication, to a tool of effecting business. In the modern business landscape, the use of the internet is no longer a business preference, but rather a necessity.

Demolition services are one of the most high-demand businesses in the market. Due to the sensitive nature of the business, not many people want to start it, thereby leading to less competition. The trend in the US today is to expand. Thus, buildings are being demolished in order to create more space for more buildings. Thus, if you have a demolition business, you are sure to receive calls requiring your professional services.

When business owners hear the word ecommerce, they think about major brands. eBay and Amazon for instance. The truth of the matter is that anyone who is interested can make use of ecommerce, and optimal use of ecommerce for that matter. What is important is to implement the right planning.

This article is a guide on how a demolition contractor can use ecommerce in order to increase business.

Benefits of Ecommerce to a Demolition Contractor

A demolition contractor will exploit a number of benefits regarding ecommerce. To start with, ecommerce is an effective tool of innovation. The traditional process in the supply chain is either eliminated or reduced. Ecommerce has been credited in widening one’s consumer base as more clients engage with your business. Innovation thrives best when the operations of a business are streamlined, and ecommerce will offer you just that. It should be noted that in the modern highly competitive business environment, you either become innovative, or the market’s negative forces wipe you out. It is therefore important that you invest in the innovative process, and ecommerce is at the center of this.

When you are starting a demolition business, you rarely would imagine that you might go ahead to colonize the market. But the market factors may navigate to your favor, and you might find yourself growing to an extent of getting clients from different places. The traditional business marketing model is very poor on accommodating a growing business. In a brick and mortar store, growth and expansion could precipitate the need to acquire a new space and office. But with Ecommerce, the issue of scalability is already taken of.

One of the most critical benefits of ecommerce businesses is efficiency. An ecommerce platform brings cost production, not just to the business owner, but to the clients as well. For example, with an ecommerce business, business owners do not have to print catalogs, a very expensive and slow process. With ecommerce, product and service listing pertaining to demolition is updated in real time.

Through ecommerce, you are going to be able to collect feedback and manage public relations. The demolition business is a high sensitive business, and you are going to handle complains. Again, in the process of demolition work, things could go very wrong, and you may veer off the intended course. The following are some of the challenges that you could face in the process of demolition:

– Premature collapse of a building

-Tall work-settings

-Others may complain about noise from your work

-Challenges that come with manual systems

-Disconnection of critical services eg water connection

So, how do you handle such cases among others? The most important thing that you should do is to lay a strong focus on prevention. Have a very clear and positive message detailing that you take the safety of others seriously. Do not be a generalist in this; rather, be specific on the safety strategies that your business puts in place. In short, you should be in a position to answer questions in a clear and concise way.

In case things have already gone wrong, and there is a public relations disaster, then it is time to make the right responses. You should start with admitting that you are in the wrong, if you are that is. The next thing should be what you are intending to do about the problem. You can use your website as a communication tool on such issues. There should be a member of staff available to answer questions concerning what happened.

Having an ecommerce strategy plays a critical role in helping you financing your demolition business. As you can imagine, a demolition business could need a high level of capital, and this could be expensive. If you want to attract financing, you have to present yourself in a professional way. In addition to that, you have to ensure that you stand out compared to the peers.

Having ecommerce strategies will help you to look like a serious professional. You are going to present yourself as the business of the future, and an ideal solution to the various challenges facing the demolition industry.

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How a Demolition Contractor Can Use Ecommerce to Increase their Business

If you are to exploit the benefits that come with ecommerce for your business, then you need a strong business methodology as well as concrete ecommerce strategy. To start with, starting a business could as well be the panacea for your sales objectives. Through the website, you offer your business the much-needed visibility. In addition to that, your clients can easily access you as they need you. A website can help you to consolidate your business and be able to present your business in a strategic manner.

A demolition contractor can use ecommerce in order to explain the safety measures that the business has put in place. Unlike other businesses, demolition companies have to deal with dangerous materials. Examples of well-known dangerous materials that a demolition company has to deal with include hazmart, mercury-containing light bulbs, PCB caulking, lead paint, and mercury switches.

But perhaps one of the most well-known dangerous materials in the demolition work is asbestos. Some projects use as much as 40 % of the cost of the total project in order to handle and dispose asbestos. If it is not well handled, asbestos can have far-reaching implications on the health of an individual.

You need to train your employees in a manner that is going to fit your schedule. You can start with rolling out a mobile training program as a pilot test about how your employees are going to respond to your training. However, as you think about training your employees, think about offering flexibility. With modern ecommerce solutions, you can train many employees in multiple locations. Training of employees ensures that there is continuous improvement on the mandate of the demolition business.

Ecommerce plays a critical role in marketing. A lot of business owners think of branding as a buzzword for marketing. However, through ecommerce, you can, as a matter of fact, entrench your business in the consciousness of the customers. For example, almost every young person in the world can identify a Coke bottle. This is because the company has done a very good work in marketing, and capturing the minds of the people. Therefore, as a business owner in the demolition service, think about how you can incorporate brand positioning in your marketing routine.

With ecommerce, a seller does not have to spend a fortune in marketing. There are ample ecommerce marketing strategies which are affordable. Unlike texts which can be long and boring, ecommerce offers perfect solutions for marketing, solutions which are interesting and can captivate the reader. With ecommerce, it is possible to adopt a lean marketing model.

As you roll out your ecommerce strategy, think about a data-centric approach to your business. An ecommerce approach is going to help you collect data. Data and information that you can collect about consumer behavior in the demolition industry include the following:

-What concerns do clients seeking demolition services have?

-Do the customers see a relationship between the cost of a project and the value?

-What areas needed improvement?

-What is the best way of handling reaching out to the consumers?

Challenges of Ecommerce to a Demolition Contractor

Depending on the types of clients you have, you need to evaluate how you are going to make use of ecommerce. For instance, Baby Boomers and Generation X tend to prefer traditional methods of doing business and may feel alienated by technology. As a demolition contractor, you need to be prudent on how you are going to introduce ecommerce to your clients. For example, are you intending to offer basic training in the packages you offer?

The younger generation is not keen on a one-size fits all solutions. Rather, they do prefer customized and tailor-made services. Therefore, as a business owner, think about how you can offer appropriate services to the younger people in order to bring them to your fold and widen your client-base.

A few demolition companies have decided to offer their services to clients who are located very far from the main office. In such a case, the challenge becomes how to transport the equipment, and the cost of it thereof.

Outsourcing Ecommerce

Whereas it may sound simple, rolling out an ecommerce strategy can be a complex undertaking. You may not have comprehensive skills for this task. In addition to that, you may not have the time. Again, by concentrating in ecommerce, you will be doing business tasks which are outside your core function. Rather than doing this on your own, why not consider outsourcing your ecommerce products and services?

If you choose outsourcing, you are going to save on the cost of operating businesses. Business over-heads are known to take a heavy toll on the operations of the business. Hiring dedicated employees comes with a high cost. Again, hiring employees can be a long process, and you are going to train and orient them. Through outsourcing, you can get things done within a short period of time.

Having stated that, you need to be very careful when you are choosing professionals and providers for your ecommerce products and services. It goes without saying that you are going to choose a professional who has accumulated vast experience in the industry. Such a professional is going to help you solve both simple and complex problems.

You need to ensure that you seek the services of an agency which is trustworthy. This is information that you can get easily. All you need to do is to evaluate the comments that others are making. If the ecommerce agency is known to you, be sure to ask friends and relatives about what they think about it, and their possible experiences with the company.

As you look to outsource your ecommerce work, check the competency of the staff in question, and be sure to check if they are highly qualified. If you have doubt on their competency, then it is time to terminate any engagement before you sign any contract. Bear in mind that breaking any contract is very difficult, and it can come with harsh consequences.

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Towards the Future

The ecommerce industry is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. After all, the trend is going online in business, and this applies to both the online visitors and the business owners. The good thing is that, with time, technology becomes better and more efficient. Therefore, if you roll out your ecommerce strategies today, you stand to gain a lot from technology in the future, and what technology offers. The earlier this is done, the better it will be for your business.


As you can see from the discussion above, you stand to gain a lot from ecommerce. It is true that businesses such as demolition firms can be conservative in adopting ecommerce, but you need to move out of your comfort zone in order to exploit its immense benefits. A good starting point is looking at your business needs, and evaluating how you can exploit the power of ecommerce. Whatever option you take, be sure to seek the opinion of professionals.