How to Cut Back on Your Advertising Budget and Still Get Accurate Online Sales Information

How to Cut Back on Your Advertising Budget

A big question I’m frequently asked by people looking to promote their online business is what’s the best, most accurate way of advertising online? My question is this, what doesn’t work and what does?

  1. The No. 1 reason for lack of online sales information is because most affiliates and website owners do not do basic due diligence before launching their businesses.

Most who want to succeed and launch their business online are stubborn to do the work and when an entrepreneur decides to learn how to start an online business for free…these people are the ones who get scammed the most! They are the ones who get scammed in so many different ways that they cannot believe it’s a scam.

If you have ever followed an affiliate training program, you will know that they use many of the discount affiliate programs to pocket the cash “for doing nothing”.

Many affiliate marketing gurus go to great lengths to make sure the product prelists themselves as the author or creator of the product and how you should use the hvac pipe product. But really, would you?

When you choose a prewritten affiliate product to promote, what you are actually endorsing is you promoting them!

If you own a brick and mortar business and you want to advertise your business online, why wouldn’t you want to try to keep your costs down and not spend too much time embarking on an expensive and risky online advertising campaign like Google AdWords when you can go to Google and do basic research about AdWords?

Simple! Go to Google and as part of the search results you will see all of the AdWords that advertisers have who are actually making money from AdWords and are actually paying for their AdWords ads!

In most cases you will find that many of them are pushing great deals, but you will rarely find any testimonials or marketing descriptions of the products they are promoting. Why?

Well, just imagine you are the teacher here and you want to teach someone how to master a skill why don’t you start out by writing as effectively as you can and only then take the time to provide testimonials or a marketing description of the skill you are teaching?

Then they can actually tell their customers or come to work in the future and they can tell them, and not only tell them that they are having success with what you taught them…but the testimonials can actually be from your customers who were satisfied with your program and the results they are achieving.

This principle of demonstration silence is what makes other methods of online advertising and promotion much more successful.

Here is a secret that many people are not aware of when it comes to making online sales.

You can’t make any decent sales without a responsive list. For some reason, many experts believe that opt in lists do not make money online.

Is this true? Absolutely not.

I can’t understand why someone would believe this…billion explode their lists, and what did they do? sold 1,000s of eBooks or ecourses for $97.

They couldn’t get beyond the numbers game.

I’ve learned from so much on the subject…I have an opt in list of 50,000 -60,000 scared artists that make a little or no money online…and it works.

If you’re struggling online, or if you can’t get your list to buy your product, I recommend you stop reading right now and go do the following things that I will show you.

  1. Search for a thousand site owners who will agree to promote your product for you for a higher commission than you have to pay yourself, but keep 50% to you.
  2. Find a super affiliate who is a HUGE player in the game who is willing to recommend your product to his list of 1000’s of satisfied clients and then offer them 50% of the profits, over the first two months, and then after that, you, make 100% of the profits, over your first fifty orders.
  3. You can get to know your super affiliate for free and you are looking at an amazing joint venture opportunity for getting joint venture partners with super affiliates just like the one that I mentioned above.
  4. Go to your affiliate website and look at the banner ads on the sites. Copy the Headline at the top of their banner, and rewrite it this time for the body of your sales ad.
  5. Change the body of your ad and just use the headline on the body, rewriting it, but keeping the irresistible headline.
  6. Now go to Google AdWords Keywords Tool and enter the keyword you are marketing to build a list in your market that will actually take your new joint venture partner to the page and your website, and that’s all you need to do!