How to Sell Fire Safety Equipment Online

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The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has decried the many cases of fires in the US which lead to loss of lives and property. The organization places a strong emphasis on the prevention of fires before they occur. This will go a long way in managing the adverse effects of fires on Americans.

As an astute business person, the incubation of a business idea is based on responding to the need of the people, and offering solutions to pertinent problems. How well you manage this stage will determine how successful you are going to be in your business endeavours. The decision to invest involves the consideration of multiple factors, all of which play a big role in making the final decision.

With the opportunities that the internet brings, you can consider selling fire safety equipment online. This is a high demand area, and you can never go wrong. You just need to make the right choices and invest in the right strategy. This article will guide you on how to sell fire safety equipment online.

Importance of Skills and Education

Unlike some businesses which do not require specialized skills, the field of fire safety and fire equipment requires some specialized skills. This could be a requirement of the government and the skills care good for you too.

You do not need a four year degree in order to learn about fire safety. You can take a basic course. In addition to that, you can embark on on-the-job training on fire safety. Whichever the option that you decide to take, the curriculum is going to cover firefighters health, hazardous materials, hydraulics applications, and fire administration.

When you have started your own business in selling fire equipment, think about advancing your education. For example, you can take refresher courses on the field. The field of fire equipment keeps on changing, and you need to be conversant with the latest trends affecting the industry. For example, professionals are finding space in the use of technology in the field of firefighting, and this is something that you should learn as opportunities arise.

What you Offer

There are a lot of things that you can offer in the field of fire safety. These include, training about fire safety, the installation and the use of the alarm system, the suppression system, the rescue equipment, risk assessment, and fire audit. As you work with your clients, you are going to realize the challenges that face them in their day to day life.

You need to offer unique skills and services which will stand out among the others. The market is becoming saturated as more people seek self-reliance through business. You can achieve this through the following:

-Making sure that you source the fire products and services from the right suppliers. If you sell products and services which are of inferior quality, you are going to lose the customers.

-Offer a variety of products and services

-Offer a full warranty

-Offer a guarantee

-Offer a convenient means of payment (it should be easy, fast, and safe)

-Understand and explain the different types of fire extinguishers (Class A, B, C and D). If you understand the different types of equipment, you are going to be in a position to make the right recommendation to a potential buyer

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The Importance of a Website

eCommerce Foundation states that 88 % of modern consumers start their search of a product through researching about it online. Therefore, your website becomes the backbone of the business. As a matter of fact, a website is no longer a preference but rather a necessity.

By default, being online means that you have to run a professional website. Your website is your portfolio. When you interact with others, they will verify if you are professional by looking at evidence, and that evidence is going to be your website.

Your website is going to play a critical role in email marketing. The website becomes an ideal place for conversion. Many clients sign up for a product or service simply because they received an email. In addition to that, your website can be a platform for PPC advertising. In short, the website offers a one-stop shop for different business strategies.

Having a website can help you to build your business credibility. As a matter of fact, if you do not have a website, you could be viewed as less credible when compared to the peers. Having a website shows that you are committed to your business, and long-term commitment for that matter. If your business needs investment or crowd funding, potential investors are going to request to see your website.

A website can position you as an authority in fire safety equipment. Remember, as an astute business person, do not concentrate on sales alone. Rather, think about how you can offer value to the readers and show a genuine interest to solve their problems. The modern business strategy does not seek to establish a mechanical relationship. Rather, it is about establishing a symbiotic relationship with customers.

Call to Action

The call to action is perhaps the most important part of the website. When you are dealing with fire safety ecommerce, the biggest selling point is how you can ensure that there is fire preparedness, risk assessment, and there is a mitigation of fire. Therefore, your call to action should lay a strong emphasis on the safety of your products and services. You are going to realize that the clients do not look for the cost as much, but rather, other factors such as safety. That notwithstanding, be sure to offer a competitive price, otherwise, your clients will prefer going to your competitors.

When you are preparing the call to action, state the time the business was started and calculates the number of years that the business has been in existence. On the side of the readers, the assumption here is that the higher the number of years, the better the experience in dealing with fire safety equipment. Clients shy away from seeking products and services from a new company because it is perceived as lacking experience. However, if you are new in business, do not shy away from pitching. You can use other strategies such as discounts in order to seek the first clients.

In the case of a fire safety equipment business, your availability, or that of your staff, does matter when it comes to interacting with clients. Clients are going to call you any time, and sometimes, during an emergency. Therefore, it is important that your office commits itself to a 24/7 availability. Again, in a call to action, present yourself as a leading provider of fire safety equipment product or service.

It goes without saying that you should have a clear contact us page. This is going to help you keep in touch with you in a timely manner.

Marketing Strategies

There is no shortage of clients when it comes to selling fire safety equipment online. Possible clients include the government institutions, private farms, institutions of learning, international organizations, parastatals, and private businesses. However, institutions such as the government are going to be more bureaucratic and are going to warrant more paperwork when doing business with them.

Rolling out a general marketing strategy is not only a waste of resources, but a waste of time too. Marketers are no longer targeting general audiences as this is too straining. The best thing is to think about the best outcomes from the specific audiences and you will surely realize a high rate of return in investment (ROI).

You need to seek the endorsement of an influencer. There are Americans who have played an important role in the field of fire. These include heroic individuals and individuals who have written about fire. An influencer can help you gain a footing in fire safety ecommerce through endorsing you.

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Know Your Target Market

The market for fire safety equipment is big, and you need to make sure that you tailor your online marketing strategies to specific audiences rather than a general audience. When you are making your presentations, through video for instance, make sure that you speak in a language that your audience can relate to.

You need to include young children when thinking about selling your fire safety equipment. All you need to do is to eliminate jargon and complex ideas. In other words, present your ideas in a simple way that is not difficult to understand.

The following are ways of reaching out to the children in terms of fire safety:

-Children can be taught about smoke detectors

-Teach the children not to hide when they are in danger as this is going to put them in more danger

-Teach the children on meeting at designated places during a fire

Rewarding Loyalty

You need to think about how best you can reward loyalty in your fire safety equipment online. Like in any business, you can benefit a lot from customer loyalty. In addition to that, customers feel good when they are appreciated by the business owners.

The Law

Just because a business has gone online does not in any way mean that you are immune to the legal provisions in the country, the state, and local authorities. You have to be careful in following the recommendations of the authorities. The authorities do their work having the consumer in mind. The following recommendations will come in handy in being in good books with the authorities:

Highly protect the data and information of the clients. When clients sign up with you, you have an obligation to protect their personal records. Any breach of privacy is going to compromise your standing with the authorities and your clients

-Evaluate the regulations of the fire equipment in your state, and be sure to follow them to the letter

-liaise with your peers on the dynamics shaping the industry and how best you can learn from them on fire safety

-You need to be truthful in your marketing. In a field such as fire safety, you cannot afford to mislead your readers

The Importance of Professionals

You are not going to run fire safety equipment online on your own, you need the input of professionals who can help you to drive your agenda. A website designer is going to come in handy in helping you to come up with a professional website which will make it easier to interact with your clients and serve them.

A social media manager can help you to trap the critical market in the various social media platforms. Many people spend hours in one platform or the other, and that is the best place to throw the net wide. As a matter of fact, the value of the social media manager in fire safety ecommerce cannot be underestimated and goes a long way in attracting traffic to your website.

You can seek the services of a marketing professional. In this endeavor, you need to evaluate what is going to work for you better, whether you need a generalist, or you need somebody who is going to wear different hats. The Harvard Business Review states that a marketer should be in a position to carry out a mix of skills.

You can consider outsourcing some of the work in your office. The advantages of accounting services include the opportunity to focus on the core business (in this case, selling fire safety equipment online), and cost saving. In addition to that, by outsourcing such services, you are leaving such services in the hands of the professionals who are going to help you gain the right expertise.


It is important that, as a business, you start preparing yourself for the future. If the current market observations are anything to go by, the future of doing business is going to be stiffer. It is therefore important that businesses position themselves to withstand future competition. Overall, selling fire safety equipment online is an ideal business opportunity for a fire protection consultant.