Is it 10 Cents Or 100 Cents?

online marketing 2022

I encourage you to try and read this article as if YOU are a newcomer to this rather profitable market! Simply put a few dollars here, a few cents there. Imagine how fun this can be. One fine day though, and all the secrets will be revealed.

The early marketer was definitely right. Many marketers make you do the work and you build the list. You must have a blog or website where a visitor can come in, look around at your offer, and possibly sign up so they can receive a free gift.

In the end, I think those who were successful early on, had it easy. It does require work, but the entrance to probably the most profitable market on the internet, is the easy gate with the right offer especially with a Process Server Atlanta.

Now at more affordable cost, you have me wondering if ALL of us can get every visitor. Can you become a millionaire overnight with your affiliate product, filling out a form, clicking a button, watching your inbox fill up with check after check after check?

Unfortunately… No.

The most successful internet marketers are online because they took this something even farther than the early marketer did, and they were smart. Offering “malicious advice” to their visitors and community. Adding their experience to a “rags to riches” story – simply by being smart.

Using a never ending supply of leads, they were smart enough to “build their list” all with minimum effort. They built their list (in the tens of thousands) by being valuable to the visitors they have obtained.

Put yourself in their position. Offer something of value, valuable enough so, that if someone opted-in for it, potential customers will keep coming back to you to receive more from you. It’s THAT good of a deal!

I myself felt this way about a while. Taking the time to learn and take action, I built a professional online business around affiliate marketing and it still hasn’t stopped generating a steady flow of everyday income.

The problem is this, many of us may have built a list and not heard a word.

It is a sad fact that many marketers will lie (or exaggerate) their income. This is unfortunate, yet business owners everywhere love to brag about the amount of money they make from their work.

Using online marketing as an example, making money on the internet through affiliate marketing is no different. A lot of us are potential business owners, who are promised the world, yet never achieve the amount of cash we desire.

The difference is you need a good visitor list. A prospecting list that someone will come back to and learn more from time and time again.

What is in your way to build your list?

Well… There is a simple formula to be applied. There are many internet marketers, out there, already working the process, giving away a free gift to entice visitors to opt-in for your list.

Now using the money from your prospects, you can always reinvest it back in more traffic, then convert them to regular paying customers with your personal recommendations.

(Your “internet business” will be you, and you will be the most important, creative and creative marketing person you’ve ever been and still will be for hundreds of years into the future once you find a step-by-step formula)

As an aside, while list building, NEVER EVER STUFF your landing pages with unqualified leads. In our experience if you 450 pages deep, most prospects will remain at a rate of 25-50%unqualified even when you use a “landing page money making product”.

What to do? Well… Common sense should prevail. Is the content relevant to your offer? The Lower the better. Does it convert? One sale per visitor? That’s right, one sale, and if there is no need…POOF! Quit there. Chances are they will hit the back button or click the back button so fast you won’t know what hit!

Getting your site seen, in the beginning, requires income while you are building your list. It is a numbers game, and you must do the math to accurately determining your income.

I would recommend testing out a good “landing page money making product” a few months into your internet business, to see if it will generate fairly good income. The number of visitors you receive per visitor, the higher or lower you make per visitor. It takes testing for the gold to come rolling in.

Now to my purpose: Ad-Swapping MLM Your Way You can start with your own list. This is the foundation. The main reason you are in business, right. Build a list, start building a closer relationship, then you will have customers that will purchase multiple products from you.