How To Build A Successful Website

how to build a great website

Some of you may have heard that if you want to generate more traffic to your site, and thus more money, then you should build a website with all the latest SEO techniques such as targeted keyword phrase research. You may have also heard the term meta-search engine optimization, and have even asked the question, what is search engine marketing or SEM. While these techniques do help you rank higher, they don’t always generate the traffic you desire and over time your site can even end up on page 10.

However, there is another way to build a successful website where all you have to do is to focus on one keyword phrase at a time. This has several benefits as you can see below.

Zero competition

You may be wondering what a zero competition keyword phrase is. Well it’s a phrase that has been completely ignored by all of the major search engines, yet it happens to be a very specific phrase. How does this happen?

Little or no traffic

This is a phrase that only gets used by 1 in 100 people, yet it’s completely relevant to what you’re offering. Where did I hear this? I heard about it from a guy I went to high school with that I now go to school with who does owner’s representation. I just hate it when people ignore the power of these keywords. And this phrase only gets used by one out of every 500 visitors.

However, you are only competing with 3,000 websites. Now when you’re competing with the 3,000 websites, the number of hits you receive isn’t so great. Unfortunately, this phrase is considered a long-tail keyword phrase. This means that only a small fraction of those people use it and your website will have to do better in the process. It will take a little more work on your part and you may not receive a significant amount of traffic exactly. But, it will get the job done and it will be much easier than competing with the 500 million pages already on the search engines.

High conversion rate

Are you wondering why I’m giving you all of this information and my life experiences pertaining to words about a long-tail keyword phrase that only gets used by one out of every 500 searchers. Well the reason is that keyword phrases like this are completely targeted and you can target them more than any other keywords on your site. They will convert sales better than just targeting one or two words.

In today’s market and a very dynamic market, your focus should always be on getting targeted traffic which you can then convert by offering the proper products or services to. You absolutely can’t keep going after the big game with this type of traffic. It’s only going to get harder and harder to play with and ultimately, you will spend much more money. If you’re looking for advise on how best to build a website, leave this article and miss out on some of the best information in this business.