How to Buy E-Books That Make You Money

e-book profits

When you go the E-Book route to make money, it is important that the companies you partner with can provide you with a reliable method of security and delivery.

Every E-Book Internet Business Owner and Publisher needs to be fully educated on these factors. They need to be aware of how to avoid scams, and how to acquire a reasonable price from the companies they are affiliated with.

Many of the checks and balances I rely on and use on a day-to-day basis when I buy and invest in E-Books are the following:

o inside information. If the E-Book company is known to the author personally, then it is very nice. However, and this is critical, make sure you can ask a question. If you have a question or a concern? Ask. Don’t assume. I have made dramatic investments in these businesses and never received answers based simply on my assumption. Ask questions and find the answers. If the company is well known or if you can talk to the member or prominent owner going into business with them as a partner, then what they say matters. Make sure you can “check” out the person’s background.

o company management. I have probably read one or two books on the subject and been approached (not sold) by one of the three E-Book companies I found online. You don’t just look up the company on the Internet and put up your money or join up with them based solely on an on-line review such as cabinet refacing Nashville if they only have a handful of reviews. There are Nashville businesses read up on 1st, 2nd and occasionally 3rd. You can go there, get business information, find out who runs the company and who is behind it. Confirming this information is a good start if you are going that route.

o plan of future sales. Many people put a lot of work into their books to sell to the public and as little thought and checks as possible for long terms. A good company should be up front with you about how long you will be making sales and what your future sales will be. If you are buying a self-help book, I don’t care if it’s a novel or something you simply learn while training that you don’t want to reveal until you go through the process and not selling the book. Sometimes a book goes out of print and our E-Book gives us a wider and wider market. Internet book publishers have to know this and will be more than happy to provide a deal in a short time frame if they know there will be a future market for their work.

o make sure to check the book out before you start the process. It is tempting to hurry through the process and buy something from an E-Book than to purchase it once you know your plan. You must think ahead this time. Personally, I don’t do this type of purchase for all of my books. Look at your marketing plan, month to month and whenever it works for you. If the book is available merely because it is self-published, take a look and understand legitimate E-Book sellers so that you don’t risk getting scammed and losing your hard earned money in being involved in a scam.

o how long has the book been around. I won’t make that decision. I can’t afford to make that decision. I can’t waste your money on something that I’m sure will get another run in the future, but you need to understand the source. A lot of the things I find are impulse purchases and will make your marketing very difficult.

I’ve been running into a good book lately. It’s an international book authored by someone living in my home area of guaranteed income. It’s out of print. They bought it at a three dollar level and are selling it for a one dollar or less. I’m not selling the book but will be looking into it. They are going after the international market and if the book is a good one, then there is a chance it will sit in the international Marketplace for more years to come with a high and steady in demand. What you have to learn here is to have a product that is unique and there is a lot of competition.

o internet marketing and internet strategies. How do they market? Make sure the E-Book company has an excellent marketing plan and understands the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. Do a simple search and see what their last marketing efforts were. How were their testimonials? Will they be marketing their book online?