Traffic Building With JV Partners

traffic building with joint ventures

One of the best traffic building strategies you can employ is getting someone to do a JV partnership with you! The reason I say that is it allows you to leverage your time and efforts in terms of you spend on JV partners instead of doing them. In this article I’m going to go over some of the main reasons why a JV partnership is so popular and exactly how you can use this marketing technique to gain more subscribers.

First off, a JV is something that many people have an absolute love affair with. For example, if you find a new way to do something that is easy to do or something that you think would be fun and you think your JV partner would like it, then you are almost automatically going to make a significant amount of money. These profitable JV partners are the ones that end up paying the big bucks for a hefty percentage of the amount of traffic they are sending you.

The reason why a JV is so popular is because it requires almost no work on your part. You trade your time in terms of doing promotional material to get a lot of people to go to join your JV. And even if someone writes a great free piece of content for you, such as an ebook or video, you can always be rewarded.

Because the benefits of a JV partner come from their efforts, you have much higher conversions in click throughs because you are leveraging their time. And in the end it’s easy money, which is why it’s incredibly exciting to have a JV partnership.

Another reason why JVs are such a good traffic building strategy is because they often bring in instant and exponential growth. If you already have some affiliates who are sending you traffic and you get a JV partner to supply a percentage of the traffic that you send them with you are going to gain an unfair advantage. And of course with every JV you are going to gain more subscribers. Eventually, JVs are easy to find.

One of the cool things about doing JV’s is that you have an unlimited number of sites where a JV can be created. This is a huge factor since you can not only get them to promote your site on other sites, but you can also create a JV on the exact same site. This method is also referred to as cross linking.

The absolute best way to look for JV partners is to do a Google search. This is the easiest way to find a potential JV partner. Obviously you’re going to want to find affiliates such as a business valuation course who are already doing well and have mass blogs or email followings, but it doesn’t hurt to look around for another site just the same.

To find your target JV partners, all you need to do is enter the name of the website or the product you are promoting in the Google search. Then you look for sites that have something in common and reach out to the website owners and request a JV exchange.

As you can see, getting into a JV with someone is not as hard as you might think. Using other marketers’ list, can dramatically boost your traffic and sign up rates. This is a great way to boost your conversion dramatically while giving you the advantages of getting a JV that’s easier than you ever thought possible as well.