Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site is Not Converting

Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site is Not Converting

Low conversion rate is a common issue that many eCommerce store owners are experiencing nowadays. Are you worried about your website conversion rate? If there is an immediate drop in your conversion rate, you need to identify the underlying reasons before making efforts to address the issue. Some sites always maintain a low conversion rate. Don’t panic. Identify the reasons and find solutions. That is exactly how smart eCommerce business owners operate to enjoy success.

Whenever you find an issue with your website conversion, you need to dig deeper to discover the exact reason. Professional expertise always helps you identify the underlying cause fast and precisely. There are numerous reasons for a low conversion rate. Let us explore the reasons why your eCommerce site is not converting.

– A negative first impression distracts visitors

– Complex navigation features kill the interests of the visitors

– Targeting wrong people

– Inadequate eCommerce value propositions

– An inefficient optimization strategy

– An inferior website design

– Undermining the importance of mobile responsiveness

– Improper customer support solutions

– Unclear or poor product images

A negative first impression distracts visitors

One of the most common reasons for a poor conversion rate is the negative first impression that an eCommerce site creates. Visitors have numerous choices nowadays. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they are most likely to leave immediately. The key is to provide users the best experience as they land on your site.

Some sites manage to generate traffic, but the conversions stay at low levels. Accomplished eCommerce SEO experts focus on offering a good first impression for your visitors. The trust-building process starts with the first impression you create. If you have a high bounce rate, you must immediately check the site design.

When visitors land on your site, you must provide all the information they are looking for. Your site must look neat, organized, and appealing. The initial impression that users receive is extremely critical when they have an abundance of choices. The focus should be on providing the essential information and help them complete the desired action.

Complex navigation features kill the interests of the visitors

Many people work hard to take their eCommerce sites on top of search engine result pages. However, they fall short when it comes to achieving the expected website conversion rates. One of the major impediments for them is complex navigation. Everyone wants to show their visitors all possible choices. It does not mean that you have to make your navigation complex.

Complex navigation features kill the interests of the visitors. Over time, your website conversion falls drastically. Make your site offers smooth navigation for visitors. Accomplished eCommerce SEO professionals audit your website and prioritize the links in terms of relevancy and efficiency. The links that help your overall sales and check-out process are highlighted and placed on key areas of the site. Other non-essential links can be placed in the footer or other secondary navigation panels.

The bottom line is that three factors make a negative impact on your website conversion rate, namely:

– Complex or poor navigation

– Improper filtering and sorting

– Inadequate search

You have to make sure that everything is easy to find. Visitors must be allowed to filter items so that they can discover the most suitable choices that fulfill their needs. It is also essential to ensure that search results generate outcomes that people exactly want. If people can’t discover an item, they won’t make any purchase.

Targeting wrong people

Targeting the wrong people is one of the most important reasons that adversely affect your conversion rate. If you don’t have a clear idea about your potential customers, you are going to achieve the expected results. To optimize your conversion rate, you should market to the right people. For example if you’re in the highly detailed niche of dielectric test for bucket trucks, you don’t want to be targeting people looking to buy a truck. High traffic with low conversions makes your SEO efforts meaningless.

You need to find what your prospects want. It is a very critical step in solving eCommerce website conversion rate issues. Looking at web analytics, you can understand how people behave on your website. Social analytics gives you a fair idea about what they are sharing. When you approach an SEO agency to address your conversion issues, they will evaluate your website traffic to detect the underlying issues.

Better awareness about how visitors are coming to your site and which keywords they are utilizing for searches is essential to identify your target audience. You should also check out referral websites that are driving traffic to your site. The keywords that generate traffic do not have any commercial intent; you have a serious issue to deal with. Commercial intent refers to the visitor visiting your site is searching to purchase the product/service you are selling.

Using customer helpdesk and messaging apps, you can analyze customer interactions and online reviews. Customer surveys are another source to gather useful customer information. When you make use of these methods, you will get insightful information on potential customers and their expectations. Your website conversion rate is going to improve considerably when you have a clear idea about your target audience.

Inadequate eCommerce value propositions

When you have an eCommerce store, you are competing with the largest retail companies in the world. Most of the global giants, including Walmart and Amazon have their own eCommerce stores nowadays. The competition is getting tougher in a wide range of niches. You won’t be able to succeed with a generic product in this highly competitive online marketing space.

You must convince the consumers that why they must buy from you. Your competitors are also making efforts to convince the potential buyers. If visitors don’t see the value, they won’t make a purchase. Successful eCommerce store owners give their prospects valid reasons to choose their products/services. Creating the best eCommerce value propositions, they stand taller among the competitors and improve their website conversion consistently.

Value propositions refer to offering reasons why customers should purchase from you. When customers know the benefits they are getting, they take action immediately. It is necessary to make your value propositions clear in the headline and product descriptions. Visitors must find them in your website copy as well.

An inefficient optimization strategy

If you are experiencing a decline in the website conversion rate, you must closely analyze your SEO strategy. An inefficient strategy leads to a low website conversion rate. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing content and web pages to achieve higher search engine rankings. It takes your site on top of search result pages when people search online using keywords related to your niche.

Google focuses on displaying the most relevant content when people make searches. If your web pages do not stay search engine-friendly, you cannot expect high volumes of traffic generation. So, you should perform keyword research to ensure that your web pages fulfill the needs of the searchers. Accomplished SEO specialists always check your SEO strategy when you contact them to solve your website conversion issues.

An inferior website design

If your eCommerce website design does not look appealing and functional, you will certainly experience conversion issues. Inferior website design concepts easily put off prospective customers. Several people are creating their own eCommerce stores without any experience and prior knowledge these days. When you do something without much-needed expertise, you are most likely to come up with disappointing results.

You should never consider the cost of hiring an experienced web design and developer as unnecessary. It is a long-term investment that takes care of your future goals efficiently. Designing and developing a website requires both technical expertise and creativity. You should leave this task to skilled experts if you don’t have the required expertise. Experienced eCommerce site designers create an appealing and functional design that captures the true essence of your business.

Whenever you experience website conversion issues, you must check the design of your website. It is always advisable to choose a few people who are not associated with your business to assess the design quality and overall appeal of your website. Their unbiased opinions and feedback will throw light on the exact condition of your site design.

SEO specialists are also good at identifying the design flaws using the most advanced evaluation tools. Slow load time is a common source of concern for many eCommerce website owners. Other prominent design problems include:

– Lack of quality images

– No clear path

– Cluttered look

– Security issues and certification problems

– Excess use of textures and colors

– Overuse of stock images and icons

If you want to achieve the optimal website conversion rate, you need to eliminate all these design errors. Skilled designers and SEO experts blend various design elements harmoniously to create inspiring designs that appeal to search engines and humans.

Undermining the importance of mobile responsiveness

Various authentic research studies reveal that around 4.66 billion people use the internet worldwide nowadays. It is approximately 60% of the global population. Of this 4.66 billion people, 4.32 million use the internet through mobile devices. This figure accounts for around 93% of the total internet users.

What do all these figures and statistics convey? They clearly state that eCommerce store owners should never undermine the importance of mobile compatibility. If you want to improve our website conversions, you must make your site mobile responsive. Skilled designers always focus on creating a cross-device marketing strategy to meet your needs efficiently. Creating a mobile-optimized eCommerce store, these professionals help you attract customers and retain a high website conversion rate.

Improper customer support solutions

Most eCommerce stores come with customer support solutions. However, the effectiveness varies from store to store. Chatbots are the most popular choice that you can come across today. Live chat function is another highly prevalent option available. If you have only a chat boat function on your site, you must also add a live chat feature to enhance the customer experience.

If you don’t offer the right answers and solutions in real-time for your prospects and customers, you cannot expect a better website conversion rate. Several experts say that a live chat feature increases conversions by 20%. Prospects are looking for the right answers and clarifications while making a purchase. When you provide potential customers an immediate resource for questions and concerns, they are most likely to convert.

Unclear or poor product images

You should never upload unclear or poor product images on your eCommerce site. The quality of your product images makes an impact on your conversions. If your product images are clear and convincing, you can expect higher conversions. It is necessary to replace low-quality, grainy images with crystal clear large photos to keep the visitors interested.

Effective utilization of videos is another aspect you must focus on to win customers. Clear and engaging videos certainly increase engagement. As people spend more time on your eCommerce site, they are more likely to make a buying decision.

Other major reasons that make a negative impact on your website conversion are:

– Not offering clear product descriptions that highlight the benefits

– The absence of persuasive copy

– Unclear and confusing call to action buttons

– Complex and costly shipping services

– Difficult checkout process

– Not using exit intent

– Underestimating the importance of remarketing or retargeting strategy

– Unresponsive tracking code

– Ineffective pricing strategy

– Not sending abandonment emails

– Not performing eCommerce site testing

– Poor quality content

– Unrealistic claims

– Lack of guarantees

– Not providing customer testimonials

– Not displaying security trust symbols

These are the most common reasons that make your website conversion efforts ineffective. If you are experiencing website conversion issues, you can make use of reliable analytics software to check conversion rate metrics, bounce rate, and user flow. The conversion funnel generated by the best analytics software helps you detect the underlying issues and assess the current performance of your eCommerce website.

However, hiring an expert is the best option available to solve all your website conversion issues. Using their unparalleled expertise, experience, and knowledge, the best eCommerce SEO experts discover the underlying issues and solve them smartly to take your conversion rate to the next level.