4 Important Components of a Good Internet Marketing Strategy

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A good Internet marketing strategy is what evolves from the comprehensive description of your marketing plan. These requirements along with a concise description of products or services enable online entrepreneurs to arrive at a strategic plan that instantiates their marketing plan to generate the results they desire and should begin to drive revenues.

Having a simple but successful marketing plan is the key to your business today in succeeding with your own business hoping to generate profits from the online market. In summary, here are the key components of a good Internet marketing strategy:

  1. In developing a plan for your business, you need to know the objectives of your business and the goals you want to achieve. In other words you need to chart out the objectives of your business and set up a game plan referring to each objective of your business and your business transactions in the market. Your plan should be very comprehensive and includes details on a specifics of products that you are selling, the pricing strategies, the number of products a single product will be selling at, details about where you source your stocks, how much your inventory is and a very details on your placement of the items that you sell such as your customer’s location on each site and so on. All these activities will be based upon the fact that in organizing and presenting short term as well as long term objectives, you could find out more about your business and the target market before you actually see products being sold.
  2. After your business objectives are complete, the next step is planning the activities that you will continue to do in order to achieve significant earnings. Set a target per month or per quarter and allocate a portion of resources to these objectives that you wish to achieve. In other words set a total number of dollars to come from your business during a certain period of time. Allocate enough funds to meet your expenses and develop a reserve fund in order to meet anticipate stock arrivals. Plan for international sales and so on. In addition, make sure that you forecast accurately the expenses that you will have to shoulder hence the fact that you are planning to manage a business.
  3. Knowing your variables is another important component to bring into consideration as part of your marketing plan. Have a good knowledge of the customers who visit your site, who buy your products such as OSHA Trained and services and what they are looking for. And of all this, you should be able to control and monitor it when you have all these data from the vast market of the internet.
  4. Implementing a user friendly website is another big component to having a good Internet marketing strategy. Remember that on the net, the most important thing to have is not to have a high end quality website with all the bells that go with it, but rather a simple but highly functional site that is easy to navigate for everyone. Do not make your website complicated with numerous options that overwhelming the customers will purchase products they need or want.

There are just a few key components that your business should have in order to be successful on the internet. You could begin to discover some other components that work well alongside these but may become the focal point of the system if used effectively. Your business should benefit from a positive approach that enables you to manage and attain sales that have a higher profit margin. Learning the way to develop a successful Internet marketing strategy is the right place and the right time to begin your business.

How to Get the Most out of Your Email List

Email List Tips

Internet marketing is a very powerful tool to use, specially when you have the ability to create long term relationships with people and have the ability to make them want to come to you for more information. I’ll philosophy behind it is that you never get as much of your list interested in talking to you when you first start. You have to have enough faith and never give up. You need to continue to send your subscribers newsletters and to keep in contact with them. It will all pay off in the long run.

I assume you’ve hired a good marketing firm or done a few things for your business and now that you have people opting in, you have to setup an automated checklist. Each month, you will enter somebody into the new customer list of your online business. You will be writing a thank you message to them, and you should attach an advertisement for other products or services you usually sale even if you’re selling Michigan Fabrication.

In the beginning, you will ask yourself, “what do I want this person to do?” You have to remember that there are two basic techniques that work well in internet marketing.

Once you have the answers, then you will be able to devise a blueprint or process that will determine what your new customer wants when they opt in to your list. This technique as you are starting out, will help teach you how to build a list quickly.

The first thing to remember is that people who visit your website have two things in mind that they actually use and visit my website, and I know what your website might be. Most ice qubits rarely spend any time on websites they are not familiar with. There is some time and money put into it, and you will not normally get good results from them. The second thing is that they are not purchasing anything, they are just browsing a website, and it is only your first impression. You’ve got to put some time and effort into making sure you leave them with a great impression.

Once you’ve a good working model, you are ready to determine what your new customers are looking for. Are they looking for widgets? You don’t have to have a widget, but something obvious that you offer would help, is what you should work with. Have you started a service you offer? Is it an eBook that you can deliver? There are several products you can sell online.

There will be many contributing topics to special interest products are available, and if you know how to do a market research like Google search, you can get ideas to what type of hobby people want to learn more about. Anyone can have a hobby, but then there are people out there that have a passion for promotion, so you would be wise to go to survey a two part workshops and make up your own topic list.

Now you should go to the Digital Point Newsletter, and you will be able to find groups or forums full of people who have a special interest in eBay auctions. By researching a theme, you will learn what is selling and so you can make up some lists that define what types of books on how to write eBay auctions. Advantage of doing a market research like Google Search will show the most searched terms and words used in your market. These terms are what people are actively searching for in the search engines.

Once you have made an idea list, then you need to head over to the marketplace on ClickBank.com. ClickBank is an affiliate service. By building an account, and making your point a section, with the categories, you can find which category will best take off your interest. It is a subject you will want to research thoroughly, and you can skip this step if you’d like, but the best payments are only picked up when the product has been sold.

eBay is a company that will pay up to 75% of the money a sale is made for you, making it an incredible opportunity. The information I have given you and will give you information on how to do the best job of developing a product you can sell, I will direct you to a resource that will help you make more money in the process. If you’re new to internet marketing, then you need a mentor. A mentor will guide you along the way, and it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

The Importance of Web Traffic

Are you confused on the definition of web traffic? Web traffic is a common term that is referring to the users of the internet who surf the internet. These users may be looking for information, doing business or social networking. There are a number of reasons on why anyone may want to surf the internet. Below are some of the main reasons you may be interested in surfing the internet and the points below may help you understand the term web traffic.

Since people want to find information about information they seek, your job as a web traffic marketer is to provide what people are looking for. People who are surfing the internet to find info for there needs will notice the keywords or are included in your webpage. This helps you provide the best and most accurate information about what you are offering.

With the huge amount of people using the internet as a means of communications and of doing business, the internet has become a clearly communicating medium of doing business. The internet in many ways is similar to a newspaper in that it is a multipage media. Have you ever tapped the phone book to find a storefront? You purchased business locations at a ranking franchise companies or Closeout Auctions This is similar to what you are doing with the internet, only in cyberspace you are looking for specific information, about businesses that can help you achieve you goal, earn an income and even save you time.

Another reason people want to surf the internet is because they want information about certain products they want to buy. Their goal is to find the most reasonable price. A process commonly called shopping can be involved in the process of shopping. They may go to the local store and have multiple people help them select a web page business. This is when your flashy website with excellent sales copy comes in. A satisfied customer purchased product form a website made purely for selling.

Since people have a strong desire to shop, online quietly enjoy getting quick access to the most up to date products from thousands of suppliers. This is because it is so difficult and time consuming to find good deals on the internet, they turn to good retailers, who offer good percentages on return to their customer and thus provide this opportunity to you.

Many search engines create web traffic these days. Most people use the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. They go to these websites and type in keywords such as Indianapolis architects in which are associated with their interests. People who are interested in particular product or service will develop keywords to find the websites of products or services associated with the word or word phrases they just typed in. The search engines then put up a list of these keywords appearing websites in the results page and people begin to type in their search words on that list.

Searching for the best websites always takes a lot of time and effort, so giving the people an idea that they may also search on the internet may allow you to still make a sale. What you need to do is to put the web traffic in your webpage in. Think of a high traffic website that will offer the people a great high instant access to the people who are looking for what you are selling. These sites are called Search engines for all they are accomplishing with web traffic for you.

Of course as a matter of fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to generate web traffic and be successful selling the people who view your site. You just need to research which way is best for you. The best part is that it is free. Here are some of the means you can use to generate web traffic.

Article Marketing: Making use of an article directory on the internet you will have an article. You will need to be sure it is relevant to your website and you will be able to include a link directly to your site or products. This is a great way to gain web traffic.

Blogging: Making useful comments on someone else’s blog will provide web traffic as your comments will find their way on the blog to your site.

Email Marketing: Another free way to generate web traffic is to send out newsletters to people who put in their information to receive your newsletter.

By making many of these things made popular on the internet you will have many web traffics to flow through your website.

The Importance of Search Marketing

The Importance of Search Marketing

The fundamental goal of search marketing is to acquire conversions. All search campaigns can improve your results, but you don’t want to give up any potential to increase your conversions by increasing impressions or decreasing your CTA.

Product positioning is another issue that arises from search advertising performance. Your product or ad text must be positioned in some way with a target audience. This means that you do not want to use a product name that might trigger an impression share. Every keyword or phrase needs to be targeted, so you need to make sure that there are several keywords that will drive the most traffic to your add. You may have the best product in the world, but if no one needs it and such, are you really looking for the best product to purchase?

Approaching information marketing from the perspective of impressions is important. When your business has many of the same products available, it will be very difficult to influence conversion rates. In fact, one needed to improve conversion rates by several places. So, this is how impressions can be used. Our view is that each click, as opposed to click-throughs, should be allocated according to purpose. In other words, your impressions have another opportunity to drive our customers down some desired path and cross, and then this information marketing and optimization should be used.

Internet marketing experts, offering their advice for free, are often times overlooked in another decision bringing through an effective campaign. It goes back to having good planning for the day of deciding to do search marketing. Begin by knowing what your goals are and how that position will affect them. Internet marketing experts can help and guide their clients in the right direction. Search engine marketing is a science that requires sorting that out. You even have to to establish a set of acceptable standards to insure that ads in a particular manner get the attention of the client. An important key to be successful at internet marketing is the need for planning.

Whether or not your ad placement is placed on the top, side, or bottom of the search results, you are looking for the best potential customers. The first step in internet marketing are identifying your target market and refining the message to reflect their needs. To improve impression shares, is to improve your results by the percentages until you reach your goal relevance. Details interpretation will be more effective in tracking conversions.

The lesson to be learned from this article is to always think about automobiles advertising and advertising plans in the same manner as selling a car. The higher the advertising position, the more likely you are to rise are the chances of reaching the clients. Higher positions come with higher costs. Higher positions allow you to reach larger audience sets. The key for this article is to teach you what impressions and higher positions are important and how to employ those techniques in order to reach your closer to the top positions and also have a realistic chance of making higher positions.

Buyers and sellers of internet marketing formats are extremely confused about its correct approach and more also confused with what to use in order to improve their results. Because of that, many people almost always not making any headway in marketing. I assist my clients on how to perfect their internet marketing skills, and even show them the paths that they might take to help make those new skills mature. As the internet and the advent of these new technologies continue to draw people to use the internet to interact and gain information, it is vital to keep up.

Unfortunately, there are so many computer users that have a need to be in the loop of the internet experience. The market is extremely large, and there is a large opportunity with taking some time to make a decision on how to allow your brand image and you and your product to be seen. Blogs are a great way to get the attention of your target audience.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Small Business

I recommend second-guessing your competition in five ways.

  1. Purchase the top 10 spots

If your company is in-between brands, expect to spend a couple years dreaming and waiting for (or paying for) the right time to start a national advertising campaign. What I like to look for are paid advertising campaigns that run only on the day brand search engines feature the primary site. I don’t like to pay over $100k per year for a national marketing campaign costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I believe the margin for success is much smaller a lot of way than the traditional advertising. We need an online strategy to cover all campaigns.

  1. Track the competition using PPC and other online applications

The right investments for advertising can be worthwhile even over the long haul. If your company is new, I recommend trying to find “buyerStage” keywords (“buy cars”, “buy homes”, “purchase houses”,”purchase homes”,”purchase homes”, “South Texas Specialty Welders“). Those keywords will generate the highest click-through rate. It is a challenge to get a lot of search volume for the new website/brand name. But, the gross revenue will be higher. We certainly want to spend as much as we can on it.

  1. Be creative for potential keywords

Survey your competitors with Google Keyword Tool. Enter your company as the brand category. Look for misspellings, synonyms, and variations of the primary brand name. When viewing the results, look past the main keywords and find interesting possibilities. I found some valuable ideas when brainstorming which had customers from all over the nation, including Florida. I even considered including the names of small towns I sell homes, and “homes” was not specific enough. I discovered summertime home biz business hadRegister.com and telephone services. This is a valuable way to find alternate branded ideas.

  1. Test the ad copy

The headline is very important. A call to action is required. Send some sample text down to the email list. Suppose you’d like people to register in Florida. Let’s say you want people to register for a summertime bridal home tour in Florida. Either way, the headline might read: Register for a Bridal Home Tour in Florida Today!

With your ad copy, you may have some imperfections in your intention. Testing is very important to discover the best message and creative. If you have a copy created by your marketing or creative team, I recommend going for it. If you have a team of numerous freelancers, do some testing yourself. Just Google’s SEO and Creative Testing to find a few freelancers who work on affordable small businesses. Or get one of my best friends to create the headline you need. For more information on testing, click here:http://www.seriageblog.com/sestrapest.html

  1. Keep Checking the Website

Will the visitor come back again? Is it working? Yes, perhaps not frequently. Sometimes factors that were more relevant a year ago, may be less important today. Please welcome the rules of “reinventing the wheel”. If you’re branding is a national company and the hub of your in-house creative team is located in adjunct, consider opting into larger online marketing initiatives that draw the team from across the country, or across the globe.

We call these forms of guerrilla marketing, because even a small team can sometimes beat larger brands or advertising budgets by being several steps different.

How Does a Campaign For Your Service Account Work?

How does a campaign for my service account differ when compared to our competitor’s ads?

The perspective you should take with this question might be different if you were the advertiser. If you ran 100 impressions on your campaign, you would likely see 100 impressions of your competitor’s ads. In essence, if all of your competitors’ ads are running, in order for your ad to stand out, you need more than a higher expose share. Yes, this means that your competitors get a better exposure share than you do, but isn’t always the best way to interpret this metric.

Remember, impressions share is only a statistic, and while it provides a clue as to your strength when compared the market share of the top competitor for your service or product, it does have its limitations. Google’s help page, for example, discusses large.ots and gives options for alternative impressions; however, that’s a separate metric altogether. You will not receive impressions or impressions, and you may not notice any differences. Google tracks pages turned off or compensated visits according to impression size. If a campaign has 100 impressions and 0 impressions, the analysis will show that your ads were turned off, and therefore, you won’t get any impressions. On the other hand, a ten-dollar impression will generate 1000 impressions, none of which may generate impressions for your business.

In my profession as an online marketer, I like to call perception share a nightstand-filled picture. A campaign could be mediocre in some areas for your business, and your campaign would be highly profitable in some areas. When Google is changing its algorithm, some parts of your campaign are forced to take a hit; while other parts may be very successful and would probably continue to rank well in the search results. If possible, try optimizing or re-creating the campaign to include the gaps. After two weeks, compare impressions between the different impressions-one paid, one not. What positions do you appear in that are higher than the campaign unranked campaigns? If the difference isn’t significant, why not consider rolling over to the next highest impression? (See the Affiliate Visual Guide to Impression Share for a full overview of this topic.)

AIP (Impression Areas in Ad copies)

An impression is any instance your ad is displayed to a user. The default impression corresponds with the campaign-wide and global impressions areas. If, however, you tagged (determined) a pool of campaigns with a particular keyword, an impression group is generated for each campaign. If an ad is targeted at a particular audience or a specific region, it will be shown to users who live within the region. In other words, prior to rolling out an ad to a chosen audience, there is a concentration of specific targeting associated with the impressions. You can see a campaign-wide and a region-wide impression pool in an impressions tools tool next to the view pack (see “About Google Adtracker” on the Google Help page).

Optimizing your click-through rate by segmenting your impressions according to that will help improve your overall impression share, which drives impressions and leads. But if segmenting is not within Google’s capabilities, you can create a single pool and determine impressions according to individual campaigns.

Besides showing your ad to a user based on which impression was selected, Google allows users to ancestors, common impressions, and users that have click through multiple times. For example, a user who views 5 ads and clicks on every one of them, but has no impressions from that point, will have one brand-based impression, and one limited impression, and so on.

A single impression is gained when your ad is shown to a user who has located the ad by entering a search term that matches the search string. So if the user actually sees your ad, or clicks on it, it is considered a brand-based impression. A broad impression includes all instances the user sees the ads, and the impression share for all ads within that session is considered Divide the impressions by Instances. So say, for example, that a user clicks on all of your ads, but only one of them actually results in a click by the user. In this scenario, the impressions are divided by five, create one quality impression, and all of the impressions for all of the ads are then transmitted to the impression pool.

The results in the average impression sharing chart indicate a campaign is strong or weak, local or distant, or if you have chosen to share impressions according to an overall impression share metric instead of impressions, respectively. If impressions are grouped by campaigns, it is typically shows how impressions by hours of the advertiser ads that have been clicked and how much time puts strain on your ads have drained.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce

SEO Tips for Ecommerce
Best Practices In E-Commerce SEO

The 4 Steps to Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that you’ll probably have heard plenty about. If you want your website to start bringing in big dollars then you’ll need to know the basics of SEO.

The Importance Of SEO

The importance of allowing search engines like Google to index your site cannot be stressed enough. A web page that isn’t Search Engine Optimized in wouldn’t show up in the first page of Google searches for very long time, if at all.

The main reason why search engines like Google and Yahoo! Place good sites at the top of their searches is that they have good rankings among themselves. No search engine is perfect, so there are times when a site is ranked poorly by Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that it will be ranked at the top of the search engines. There are certain factors that you need to consider before you release your site to the big wide world.

Tips For SEO

Unfortunately, there are no real secrets to get ranked well by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, there is a test and a process that you need to follow in order for you to achieve guaranteed search engine ranking.

Here Are The 4 Steps To Tell If Your Site Is Ranked Good:

1 – Check The Page Rank Of Their Site

After you’ve uploaded your site onto your server, you’ll want to go to Google’s toolbar and download the Google Page Rank adjusting tool.

Once you have it up all you need to do is enter the URL of your website and it will give you the page rank score.

If it isn’t as high as you want then you probably need to get your site re-evaluated by Google.

Be patient as the page rank score can change all the time, however, you always want to stay ahead of the others.

It’s also important to realize that the page rank you see in Google may not be the page rank that you see on Yahoo and MSN. This is because MSN and Yahoo are using the same algorithm.

2 – Make Sure The Search Terms Are Compelling

You want to get ranked for search terms that people actually search for, however, you don’t want to over-optimize your site for search engines.

search terms that are not very competitive, meaning the words are not very searched for.

search terms that are less competitive, meaning the keywords are not as searched for.

The best way to decide on the competition of words is to go to Google’s AdWords keyword tool.

It will show you the search volume for the month and the global average search volume.

You can also go to the relevant web page and check out the information there. You can look and see how many of your competitors are using these keywords.

If you see that a lot of your competitors are using popular keywords that are harder to rank for, then you may want to include those keywords in your web design.

When you are choosing what web design keywords to use, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool.

It will provide you with some great keywords that are related to your web site and products that you sell.

You can get to know how often someone searching for a certain term is doing so. If they are rarely doing this, then you might want to include this in your web design.

It will also help you to discover some great keywords that are rarely used and will still had high search volumes.

Keywords can make or break your web design and your online marketing efforts.

After you have finished the content for your web site, do some research and discover a few keywords that will work great for your web site.

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to discover how often people are searching for a particular search term.

If you own a business website then it is a great idea to use this tool to give you the insider secrets to finding the popular keywords that people are using.

We all want to receive traffic from Google and other search engines.

The art of search engine optimization is the art of finding a keyword or keywords that will optimize your website the most.

You can use these keywords to write your web site content. Add the popular keywords to your site description and web pages to improve your search engine ranking.

If you successfully generate traffic from search engines, you will get a lot of customers just by using the keywords related to your business.

SEO – Must Overtake Flash and Graphics in Marketing

Marketing is every company’s dream. If your business is one that could benefit from the newest technology, then you might want to take a look at new flash and graphics software.

Most of the new software created these days is designed to create beautiful pictures and make it easier for the consumer to own their own online space. Some of the software created is packed in high-quality and easy to use and looks really neat on the desk.

Some business use this software right away, since it takes most of thedistribution and publication of your new ideas, to promote them instead of using other old software whoseeware you can buy and keep for years.

The latest flash software innovations – most of them are created by Adobe – are:

  • Adobe Flash playing normally for years after you install it. If you take yourdirectory and dislikes the built-in spiders, it can’t be found.
  • In the “new” Flash contest, Adobe is leading the way in the creation of a search engine that delivers more and more results from the ground up instead of ranking from the top down.
  • If you show your past work in Flash, it will mean that most of your works will be invisible. Therefore many people mayacetee marketand be unaware of the works you have done previously.
  • In the new Adobe Flash, search engines are not able to read the text that plays on a movie.
  • Newshttp:// forthcoming will give Adobe Flash the chance to be visible without the use of intermediate files. To enable this, you’ve to build a specific HTML document, fill it withrelevant text and then upload it by clicking on these Hyperlinks. The search engines will then pick this up and you willbe likely to find the pieces you need.
  • Flash internally can be indexed by Google, so you’ve got quite a lot of work ahead of you. Explore each page fully and you’llsee that the search engines have the opportunity to work with flash, too.

If you are entorn with flash or you feel you cannot create flash presentations, you should consider using another application to portray your flash presentations complete with html.

Many excellent}} helpful Wikipedia and MSN articles These are great places to look for definitions andining tips on words and phrases that are helpful to your SEO.

Many programs are available to make the research easy, but the one that is the quickest for me is the Google Keyword tool. Once you have selected the correct keywords for your make up or your website, this tool will show you the amount of monthly online traffic that these words are receiving as well as the advertiser competition for these words. Plus you will get a small number of other related keywords that you might want to consider using from the list you have come up with.

On this list you will find keywords that have strong competition but not as much as the main keyword. Find the middle of the road keywords for a little easier on your budget. This will allow you to use their more reasonable traffic amounts and still make some great sales.

Along with these words will be some important information about the words. Only use keywords that have relevancy to your make up or services and products. The AdWords software has all kinds of features that help you with your keyword research such as the predict ability and the overall strength of the keyword. It’s my favourite feature of Keyword elite.  It’s true, it’s AMAZING! You can open up different marketing tools on this software and you can see all the profitable keywords that are available and depending on your budget, how you can list then. It’s a great way to get lots of free leads and traffic to your website.

At this point you should have the means to pull together a list of potential keywords for your make up business. If you want to stay on top than build another website, or series of websites, that will help you optimize your content through SEO.

You must understand how the search engines work in order to rank highly in the search engine results, so understanding keywords is crucial to making your future marketing endeavors come true!

How SEO, PPC, and Social Media Get inbound Links and Traffic to Your Site

Link building used to be the easy-to-grab ‘gold’ that all SEO specialists wanted. That was before the realize that just slapping up a website and submitting it to the major search engines was only going to get them traffic. Inbound links mean getting other sites to link to your site, which is viewed by the search engines as a vote for your site. Before, this meant you could literally buy a list of websites and get tens of thousands of inbound links but that practice began to wane when it became obvious that it wasn’t just aTotalFLOW’ing links that the sites were buying.

So what’s the proven method to getting ‘ reluctance’ to link to your site?

1) Write an article with good, solid, common sense content and submit it to an online article directory.

2) Use the permalink (URL) to link to your site, not the website address.

3) Let other websites know that you exist and provide a link back to your site.

The Benefits of this URLs

This URLs have #1 status on Google and are #1 on Bing. They are also receiving a lot of traffic from Yahoo.

These URLs have several advantages for SEO such as putting your site in the search results, receiving deep links from other sites and from people who are already familiar with your site. Deep links are used when ever a visitor links to pages deeper than your home page, up into your site. Up into the root of your site, URLs are extremely important to SEO.

One word of advice though, make sure that you format your URLs so that they are friendly to Google.

An example of a URLs URL using my name and website name should look like this: “http://www.vana.biz/index.php?product_id=13”.


Because Google will read “index.php” as an internal page URL rather than a website address. For example, Google will read “http://www.vana.biz/index.php” as an internal page URL rather than a website address. If you have a website calledhttp://www.vana.biz/ then your URLs should read “http://www.vana.biz/index.html” in the URL line.

What is a Flash Website?

Flash websites like this executive coaching services website are for websites that are made in Flash. These sites usually have a animated title and an ‘ Ext 1’ button that when clicked opens up another page. Search Engines cannot read Flash content.

In other words, search engines treat Flash as an image and because they can’t read it, they exclude it from their indexes.

But don’t despair, there are ways around this. You can learn how to create Flash websites and still be indexed by the search engines, perhaps not exactly how to do it the ‘old-fashioned way’, but you can certainly do it in the modern way.

A very easy way to be indexed by Google is to get a link (the words contain the link) on another website that is already indexed by Google. Google then knows that a person exist who links to your site.

If I were you I would find a list of the websites that are already indexed by Google and get one-way back-links from them. For example I would publish on every website I could find an article I had written previously and re-submit it to those websites for posting. If I could consequently get several back-links from those websites I would find myself moving up Google’s list very quickly.

You can also try to create your own widget and place it on as many websites you can that leads to your site. This is another excellent way to get exposure and get links.

EzineArticles- These are article directories that act as informationaries or publishers where quality articles related to a specific subject are published. It’s one of the best resources for getting links.

Submit articles to ezines frequently – You can submit articles to ezines from many different websites and Brainboost.

SO ultimate guide: Writing an article that shares with another person interests on a certain topic and submitting them to different article directories with embedded links that redirect the reader to your website/blog. If the article is interesting read by more people you will win popularity and over time increase your links.

Submit your articles to different article directories such as EzineArticles, Helium, ArticlesBase, Go Articles, and Article Dash.

How can an Accountant use Ecommerce to Sell Their Services?

accountant marketing


Online platforms have revolutionized the way of doing business, and have had a major positive impact on consumer behavior. Ecommerce stands out in its ability to enhance a better business potential. Different sectors of the economy are exploiting the benefits that come with ecommerce, and accounting is not an exception.

Ecommerce for accountants is good not just to veteran accountants, but to budding accountants too. Again, both start-ups and already established businesses can use ecommerce services for their accounting needs.

This article will guide accountants on how they can make use of ecommerce services in order to sell their services.

Benefits of Ecommerce to an Accountant

One of the greatest challenges that face business owners is how to increase the profitability of the business and at the same time minimize on the cost of running the business. Closely connected to this is the need to embark on viable and sustainable alternatives that are going to stand the test of time. An accountant can make the use of ecommerce in order to boost on sales and profitability.

An accounting firm is a busy office and a busy firm. This is due to the critical nature of the service (almost every company is going to ask for accounting services). If you use ecommerce services, you are going to concentrate on the core mandate of the business. For example, managing of employees takes a lot of time and resources and it is an area that warrants a lot of attention. Thus, through ecommerce, you are going to have more time for your accounting needs.

Through ecommerce data analysis, you are going to understand which sections of your business are promising, and which segments are wanting. Upon deciding this, you can have a three point of action:

-Concentrate on the segment which is performing well, and playing less emphasis on the section which is not performing well

– Dropping the section which is not performing

-Boosting the section which is not performing

Ecommerce heavily relies on digital marketing as well as supply chain. For example, you need to be aware of the returns based on your ad spend. In addition to that, there is a need to evaluate the amount of stock to hold, and the amount to release. At the center of this is the need to ensure that the digital solutions that you choose are compatible to the needs of the accounting business.

You can use ecommerce for accounting in order to navigate the global business environment. For example, if you are a Palm Beach Accountant and are sourcing all your goods from the Chinese market, you may consider establishing an off-shore company in Hong Kong. This is going to help you in two major ways. One, establishing an offshore company will translate to 0 tax. Second, you will not be viewed as unethical because many entrepreneurs do not categorize Hong Kong as a tax haven. What is important is to try to spread your tentacles in a wide geographical area without stretching your resources.

Ecommerce for your accounting needs is going to help you prepare better for the future, work within the allocated budget, and ensure that there is better cash flow management. In addition to that, you are going to achieve a streamlined accounting process and have dedicated resources for your business.

Ecommerce in the accounting department will help you manage and withstand competition from the peers. Withstanding competition does not mean that you lower your prices. The practice of lowering prices is, basically, a race to the bottom and a form of prices wars. Rather than thinking about such an inconsequential strategy, think about how you can enhance the value of your products and services.

Again, the market will also have a cheaper product or service. Therefore, show your online visitors that, in the market, one gets what he or she pays for. Better business can be achieved through the following:

-Increasing the sales conversion rate

-Increasing sales to the site

-Increasing the average order value

Ecommerce options are going to help you manage how you get paid (payment getaway). Common payment getaways include Pay Pal (the most common), Stripe, and Braintree. Different ecommerce businesses will warrant a certain payment getaway. For example, if your business is global, Pay Pal has penetrated to most countries, but not all.

The most important thing in your PayPal get away is to ensure that the data and privacy of the online buyers is safe. With the security threats in the market, this is not easy to achieve, it takes a lot of time and precaution. On your part, it is good to ensure that the right amount reaches you, and in time for that matter. Remember, in ecommerce, you are going to deal with a large amount of transactions, and you have to learn how best to manage them.

How can an Accountant use Ecommerce to Sell Their Services?

Good accounting plays a critical role in evaluating the health of a business. For example, before investors make a decision on investing in you or not, they are going to look at your accounting records and see if interacting with you is worth it. Bad accounting could have harsh consequences on your business. For example, you may find that IRS will want you to explain a number of things concerning your business. Such mistakes will limit future business opportunities.

Having stated that, the following points can help an accountant use Ecommerce to sell their services. To start with, as an accountant, you need to make the right choice of your business entity. The choice of the business entity has far-reaching implications on what you can do and the tax modalities. For example, a sole proprietorship has a different tax modality from a limited liability company. If you are not sure about choosing the right business entity, then seek the services of a business consult who will offer you expert advice. Such decisions should be made early enough in order to avoid problems later,. This is because such mistakes are not easy to correct.

Accountants should have a habit of tracking the business transactions in order to ensure optimal outcomes. This can be done through sales orders, invoices, and receipts. In order to ensure that this is done effectively, automation is a matter of paramount importance. Tracking promotes accountability in doing business and helps in identifying errors which could affect the performance of the business.

Ecommerce in accounting cannot be done without following the pertinent laws and regulations. Failure to follow the law is not only inconsequential but can be expensive to the business. When a business does not follow the prescribed legal procedures, such a business can be trapped in long court cases. Most importantly, the business should ensure that matters of tax are well taken care of.

An accountant can take advantage of states which do not have sales tax. These include New Hampshire, Oregon, Alaska, Delaware, and Montana. However, when one sells in a state with sales tax, there are tax implications. In other words, just because one’s business is based in a state with no sales tax does not mean that one will not pay tax when selling in states where sales tax is paid. The most important thing is to be informed.

An accountant should evaluate if he or she is going to be in need of the help of professionals. The accounting field is wide, and one could be over-whelmed. In such a case, some duties can be carried out by another professional. For example, a book-keeping professional plays a critical role in lessening the work-load that an accountant could face. After all, good accounting starts with good book-keeping.

Tax savings and tax planning is a legal way of reducing the cost of running the business. All you need to do is to stick to what the authorities have prescribed. These include the following:


-Office rent

-Utility cost


-Accounting services

It really does not matter what strategy or system that you use. What is important is the ability to identify the right system and strategy through a careful decision making and rational analysis. This is largely based on the needs and preferences of the business. Whatever choices you make, you need to be faithful in order to realize optimal outcomes and wait until you realize positive outcomes.

Any option taken should be within the budget. In many cases, business owners have committed themselves to business choices that they cannot afford. This can be very harmful to business practice. The most prudent thing to do is to make a choice that one can afford. This stretches the resources of the business, and the business may not recover.

ecommerce for an accountant

Accounting Services and Software

There are several accounting services and software that an accountant can use for ecommerce. To start with, FinancePal ensures that you are stress free when it comes to accounting, pay roll, and book-keeping. FinancePal has partnered with other players in the accounting industry. Such players include quickbooks. FinancePal is an affordable platform for your accounting needs.

Xero Standard Accounting (XSA) is a superior accounting services that lets you keep track of various office tasks such as copying, printing, faxing, and scanning. You need to configure some of your equipment so that you can effectively use accounting codes. Xero accounting software helps you to do everything in one place. In short, there are many opportunities for the use of Xero. You need to contact the company and make a decision on what is best for you.

Closely connected to this is the need to ensure that you can incorporate cloud computing. For instance, quickbooks and xero do use the cloud space. With cloud, you can access data from any device, and in any time. It offers the much-needed scalability which will help the business in the future.

When looking a cloud computing software, then make sure that you have the following in mind:

-The software should be easy to use

-The software should sync with credit cards and bank accounts

-There should be integration with business software that is already in use

-Safety and security is a necessity

The list for accounting services and apps is long. Therefore, you need to be careful about the option that is going to work for you. Word of mouth works very well when you think about options to make. Again, when you peruse through the internet, you can check the reviews from users, and the pros and cons of each option. It is always good to try options which are a bit familiar to you rather than wading in uncharted waters.


There is an outsourcing option when it comes to ecommerce accounting. The good thing with such agencies is that they have been in the business, and understand the dynamics facing the business. Outsourcing to such an agency is going to save you time. Through this, you can concentrate on other business activities.

marketing with ecommerce for an accounting firm

Towards the Future

The future of ecommerce is bright and optimistic. In the coming years, more and more people are going to start their online search through the use of the internet. Therefore, if you use ecommerce for accounting, you are going to grow your business in leaps and bounds. Therefore, as you plan for the future, think about what scalability can do for you.

Accountants should position themselves towards having a future in the field of ecommerce. After all, some of the ecommerce giants, Amazon for instance, started as simple entrepreneurial start-ups. There is no reason why you cannot achieve the same. What is important is to be patient and strategic in the process of doing business.


Unlike traditional retail service, an ecommerce business has certain challenges that it faces in its operations. As an accountant, you need to be aware of these challenges early enough so that you can prepare yourself early enough and make an informed decision. Overall, an accountant can make use of ecommerce service to his advantage.

How to Use eCommerce to Sell a Truck Online

truck sales with eCommerce

When it comes to selling a truck, many people opt for ads expecting the best outcome. However, there are more pronounced means of skinning a cat. The days that people used to buy a bunch of local papers to get an insight on trucks on sale are gone. The internet has brought transitions in the marketing system; so to speak, there are many ways of selling your truck. You can use various online platforms, social media, and even personal websites.

When you think about selling your truck through eCommerce, it’s imperative that you also think of it as transparent progress. In the manner of speaking, you are letting people in and showing them around. You are making them feel affiliated to your truck and its specs, making them feel comfortable to engage in business and make a purchase. You should, therefore, have an excellent online inventory that explains all about your truck.

An excellent online inventory is a lead hunter, and that’s the key to selling your truck through eCommerce. Amidst this covid19 pandemic, eCommerce is becoming highly apparent. The traditional truck market is not operating normalcy. Even if the state abates, lingering effects will still coerce customers to purchase from home. E Commerce is, therefore, there to stay too. To remain pertinent and connect with potential customers, you will probably need an appealing online approach.

How do you use eCommerce to sell your truck online?

Before approaching an online marketing firm, you first have to start with showing your truck features. Annotation is vital if you want someone to spot your truck’s picture in the inventory and be surged to buy it. To do that, you have to avail descriptive details and photographs. You should capture the truck’s images from different angles to show the buyer that you are not disguising any damages. Also, you must elucidate special features such as upgrades and modifications to fetch the buyer’s interest.

It would be wise to write concise content about the make, color, and features of the truck on the descriptive details. For example if it’s a Duramax Diesel what size? Is it a 2.8 Duramax or another size? In other cases, the interested people may also need to see the images of what they are buying and the prices that they are listed with. For a used truck, in this case, you will have to write about the number of previous owners, accidents that it has undergone, repairs and modifications made as well as mileage.

After you have completed annotation, you can now access different online platforms. Herein are various platforms that you can use.

using social media to sell trucks

Use social media

You have to build an active audience on social media. That way, your followers may catch attention on what you are selling. Even if they are not interested, the “tell friends to tell a friend” mechanisms can suffice. Social media is also a platform where you can post images of the truck. Also, you can avail you contact details or channels through which the interested buyers can reach you.

Ecommerce truck sales can also be significant on social media if you are using influencers. Influencers are famous people on social media. Typically they have loyal followers that trust their views. You can strategize this into marketing by paying them upfront, and they will position your product to a spike in sales.

Apart from influencers, social media platforms such as Facebook allows you to create marketing pages. With a small fee payment, its tools will popularize the page on your behalf. That way, if you were to post the truck on this page, be sure that you will get immense traffic and followers.

The significant advantage of Facebook is that you vet someone before they view your truck. The potential buyers’ profile is also visible as soon as they send a message to you. It’s more personal; thus, it is a complete guarantee for customer information concealment.

Twitter, on the other hand, allows you to tweet an image that leads browsers back to your inventory. Furthermore, there is software such as GoDaddy online store, which has an inbuilt social sharing unit. It can perpetuate a matching Facebook page with a click to shop part, which will redirect traffic to your site.

The only disadvantage of using social media for eCommerce truck sales is that it demands lots of time. It’s such a colossal inconvenience if you are in haste to sell your truck. However, eCommerce is self-sustaining such that there are other quick platforms, and they include:

1. The CarGurus site

If you are in haste to sell your truck, you probably won’t have time for social media. CarGuru site saves the situation, and apart from being the most visited truck market site in the U.S., it also gives you free listing. When using CarGuru, you will only pay when the business is done and closed. Furthermore, CarGuru is in line with prices from other sites. Consequently, it will give you possible price insight on eCommerce truck sales.

2. Craigslist

If you are listing your truck locally, Craigslist can be ideal. However, that may also be a downside since you are missing a wide-angle of nationwide view. Despite that, you can make the post on Craiglist look as you want, and include relevant photos. Another advantage of craigslist is that there is no price to pay on entry. Buyers can also quickly get to you since you are in the same location.

3. Autotrader platform

The Autotrader platform is one of the most prominent places to list your truck. However, everything on the site is payable, but you can post the relevant content with images. Autotrader has been in the eCommerce field for a long time, and it has a lot of users. Using it to list your truck is a specific guarantee that you will get more user attention with just a small fee. Moreover, its interface is easy to use.

4. Vroom

Vroom is legalized to sell used trucks, and it contacts the transactions online. When buying a truck from their site, they handle all the paperwork and deliver within 48 hours. However, Vroom is only ideal if you are selling your old truck to buy a new one. They deliver the new truck and pick the old one, so you won’t have to go through the listing process again.

5. Instant cash offer

Undoubtedly instant cash offer is the most effective site in the field of eCommerce truck sales. The site generates a webpage where you enter the details about your car, such as mileage, photos, and description. Considering the information you have given, you receive a cash offer certificate that’s worth your truck.

When you are using an instant cash offer, sincerity on the truck information you provide is needed. Moreover, if a dealer offers a price that doesn’t suit your truck, you can walk away from the deal.

6. Cars.com

Cars.com is highly ranked since it has quicker ways of getting an estimated price for used trucks. On its domain, there is paperwork with seven spaces that will require you to fill. Thereon you get an instant price range for a private party or a retailer dealer. It also gives an option for ads, quick offers, and dealer appraisal.

Should you choose dealer appraisal, you will exclusively meet with three dealers at once at no cost. If you use the ads, expect to meet around 10million truck shoppers in a month. On the other hand, if you want cars.com to list your truck for your eCommerce truck sales, you have to pay $49. After that, you can provide a carfax description in your listing to lure buyers who are not in the system.

website for truck sales

You can create your website

When you create a website to sell your truck, you should start by fetching data from your competitors. You should know what they are doing, how they best sell their trucks online, and what people comment on their ranking sites.

Moreover, your website building budget should precisely suit your function. You will have to account for the SSL certificate that protects credit card information. The domains, hosting platform email, and themes are also essential.

For eCommerce truck sales, your budget will have to account for plugins such as WordPress, payment modes such as PayPal, advertising, and inventory. It would help if you also put a privacy policy that shows what you do with customers’ information.

Websites are advantageous since you can post content, price, images, and even ways in which customers can make contact. Moreover, the content on your website is built with SEO tools that optimize for keywords. That means that the content you post will rank high in search engines, eventually generating more traffic. Furthermore, websites are there to last, provided that you are to reengage in selling other trucks.

Pros of using your website

1. It offers a broader outreach to customers.

2. Its customer convenient since you can post every detail that they will need

Cons of a website

1. It requires an expert for proper functioning.

2. You can get negative feedback that can deter potential customers from buying the truck.

seo tools to sell truck with ecommerce

Use search engine optimization tools.

Once you have established your website, you can use Search engine optimization to direct traffic. SEO allows you to optimize your website as well as keywords. So when writing content about your truck on your website, you will have a comprehension of the keywords that can generate more traffic. In that case, should anyone enter the related keywords in any search engine, they will be automatically directed to your site.

Search engine optimization is also useful when you are uploading a video on your truck’s performance. It will harmonize the right video tags, which can soar up high in channels such as YouTube.

You can use paid online advertising.

Having a website with no connection is not just ideal. You have to create a web network that way, and you can use Paid advertising, should your budget allow it. For instance, it conjugates social media, blogs, and some search engines. Given that other bloggers have a large amount of traffic, you pay them to integrate your ad on their website. As soon as it’s clicked, the respective traffic will be directed to your website.

You can also use a pay per click campaign (PPC). It’s basically an online ad, but you have to pay a small fee for it when someone clicks it. On the negative side, though ads seem to be influential, browsers tend to ignore them. Moreover, there are a billion paid ads on the internet, which can be overwhelming to browsers. Consequently, your ad won’t be that effective as intended. Ads are also expensive and potentially yield less compared to the input.

Up to you

When you have a potential buyer, you should work hard to ensure a proper response. Buyers get a lot of ads, and you are not the only one selling a truck. Leaving calls for voicemail or failing to read an email is all that it takes for buyers to move on.

Moreover, you have to communicate with your buyers even if they won’t make a purchase. Since buying a truck online is stressful, effective communication will help ease anxiety. Communication will also help negotiate the price and reduce the chances of customer complaints once the truck is in their hands.

According to world and U.S. news, the best time that people buy trucks is during the spring and summer. You have to be opportunistic and list your truck in these seasons. Consequently, you will have a reasonable layoff price since more dealers strive to satisfy the market demand.

In retrospect, the ways mentioned above of selling your truck do not only apply on a one time deal. Whether you have more than one truck or want to engage in second-hand marketing, you will find the above ways quite effective. Using eCommerce truck sale is cheap and easy. All that’s required from you is relevant and lucid information about the truck. Thereon you can approach the aforementioned internet platforms and see what really turns out best for you.

The Basics of Ecommerce SEO

SEO for Ecommerce

Let’s face it: every ecommerce business wants to rank higher than the competitors. However, if you don’t embrace SEO, you could be missing out on sales. Whether you’re getting started or you want to boost your existing site, there are a few things you can do to up your game. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of e-commerce SEO to help you send the right signal to Google.

Let’s dive in.

What’s ecommerce SEO?

These are the strategies businesses use to make their online stores visible on the SERPs. To ensure potential customers can see your products, your website should rank higher than those of the competitors. When done right, the optimizations strategies can provide solutions that meet the users’ intent.

Generally speaking, ecommerce SEO involves the use of headlines, internal link structure, Metadata, and navigational data to increase user experience. Therefore, each product you sell should draw traffic to the search engines. With the right SEO tactics, you’ll spend less on advertisement – a plus for your online business.

Why Ecommerce SEO matters

When customers want to buy a product or service, they perform quick Google searches. So, if your website doesn’t appear on search engine results pages, you lose access to qualified customers. And this is where ecommerce SEO comes in. It allows you to do keyword research without paying for ads. Your goals should be to delight customers with high-quality products/services and motivate calls to action.

search engine optimization

Benefits of ecommerce SEO for online shops

There are many reasons why you should incorporate SEO into your business. They include:

To get high rankings for keywords

While getting traffic from search engines is a crucial step, it’s not enough. Through ecommerce SEO, you can optimize long-tail keywords to get higher rankings.

To gain exposure to search engines

Search engines respond to millions of queries per day. Nevertheless, your business needs to grow over time. Besides going to amazon or eBay, the majority of buyers will use Google to search for products before they buy them. Through ecommerce SEO, you can get a fair share of traffic.

Helps to create a long-lasting online business

Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO helps to create higher ROI in the long-run.

Helps to build a user-friendly website

Most concepts used in SEO help to make websites friendlier to the end-user.

Increases the conversion rate

SEO will give guidelines on how to increase the conversion rate. This is a process that takes time to generate results but pays in the long-run.

ecommerce seo strategy

How to develop an ecommerce SEO strategy

Ecommerce SEO can be a daunting task, especially if you have a website with tons of products. If you have a solid strategy, you can speed up the process. Here are some tips to help you develop an SEO strategy.

Check out the competition

Since an SEO strategy should be designed in a way that outwits the competition, you should keep tabs on what other companies are doing. Also, you should look for ways to make your efforts better.

Create a workflow

You should include a few things in your SEO strategy. This may include:

  • Adding Meta-data
  • Adding images and naming them correctly
  • Incorporating related keywords

Prioritize pages

You should identify the pages on your website that get you the most traffic. If your customers focus on a specific product, you should prioritize it first.

Best practices for your ecommerce SEO strategy

Best practices for your ecommerce SEO strategy

If you want potential clients to find your products easily, you should have an ecommerce strategy in place. For example if you’re trying to focus sales in Jacksonville, FL if you don’t have the time to do it yourself you need to hire a Jacksonville SEO Expert. Without it, you could be losing out on clicks, sales, and impressions. Here are a few tips to help you rank your ecommerce site.

Keyword research

Before you start any SEO work, you should start competitor research. If you target the wrong keywords, you could end up generating low-quality traffic.

The first step in keyword search is identifying and mapping the keywords to target. For ecommerce keyword research, you should take into account the product category, blog content, and home page. Therefore, you should target keywords based on high research volume. The keywords can be:

  • Transactional – the visitor has decided to buy the product and focuses on specific products.
  • Informational – the user is targeting specific information that provides something a bit more complex.
  • Commercial – the buyer is looking for a specific product but hasn’t made a decision yet to buy the product.
  • Navigational – the visitor is looking for a specific website

Analyze keyword search volume, User Intent, and PPC

Before you do some keyword research, you should understand how often people look for it. How competitive are they in the advertising space? What are people searching for when using the keyword?

Let’s break this down further.

If your target keywords are competitive, you should find a long-tail alternative. A high-speed volume indicates increased competition, so you’ll get more active searches for the keyword. You should also look at the user intent.

If you don’t know where to start when conducting keyword competitor research, then you should put in some legwork to optimize the site. You should learn the secrets the competitors use on the website.

Another way of searching keywords is by using keyword research tools. Some of the common tools used in ecommerce SEO include:

  • SEMrush keyword magic tool
  • Amazon Suggest
  • Google keyword planner
  • Google suggest
how to do keyword research

Mapping the right keywords to your pages

A general rule of thumb is to avoid competitive keywords that are almost impossible to rank on. You should focus on less competitive ones that will help your brand get noticed on the SERPs.

Don’t forget to use the right LSI keywords. To evaluate their effectiveness, you should run them through a keyword planner. If you get traffic from the main keyword, you should try to slide secondary keywords as well.

Be a content machine

To ensure you max out on keyword research, you should focus on your content. A surefire way to rank for the targeted keywords is by creating an informational blog. To do this, you should focus on the keywords that customers search for. By proactively answering the buyer’s questions, you can quickly rise on page one of Google.

Content ensures more customers spend time engaging with the brand. Also, they feel much closer to your business than comparable brands. However, producing content for your ecommerce SEO doesn’t come naturally – you must have a working strategy.

With great content, your content marketing will increase traffic and sales in the long run. It also becomes much easier to build links for your site.

SEO link building

Link building for online retailers

Backlinks from websites with high domain authority will help improve rankings. From a statistical standpoint, links contribute to 60% of your SEO success. Because links are considered off-page SEO, you have to collaborate with website owners and bloggers. Other ways of building links include:

  • Partnering with influencers
  • Stealing competitor links
  • Internal linking
  • Broken link building

Let’s look at the effectiveness of each of these methods when it comes to ecommerce SEO.

Partnering with influencers

Influencers are people with a large following. Rather than pay an influencer to share your products on social media, you can link your website. Perhaps, you can use a blog post that features your products or use a link from a page on your site. Other strategies that you can use include:

  • Sharing and commenting on content
  • Giving free products
  • Send customers to your influencers
  • Reaching out to influencers and asking questions about their expertise

Broken link building

This is one of the easiest link building tactics. The idea is to use links to search for other websites in your niche. Of course, you may need a couple of emails to get a handful of links.

Stealing competitor links

In ecommerce SEO, you can improve your rankings while pushing out your competition. To do this, you should use a handful of tools to spy on your competitor keywords. And with an SEO tool like Ahref, you can steal the keywords and make them your own.

Internal linking

This is linking the internal pages of a website to other pages within the site – do you get the picture? For this to happen, you must have an anchor text. However, you should use them sparingly. You don’t want to do something that will make Google suspicious. If you don’t naturally place the links, Google will know through their smart algorithm.

Also, you should avoid using links with the same anchor text. Google will always be on the lookout for inbound and outbound anchor texts. Once you create a site map on Google, you should index each page.

website structure for ecommerce seo

Site Structure for ecommerce SEO

The way a website is structured affects the search engine rankings and user experience (UX). That being said, you should make it easy for visitors to find stuff in your store. However, as you add product categories, the site structure may get complicated. If you get it right the first time, you’ll save a lot of time down the road. Therefore, you should ensure:

  • Every page on your website gets a few clicks from the homepage
  • The site structure is simple

As you work on ecommerce SEO, you want visitors to find it easy to go round the website. If you run in circles, it will be much harder to go round the website. Plus, you don’t want to recognize your site every time you add a new product category.

On-page SEO for ecommerce

If you want your site structure to rock, you should optimize two-page values:

  • Product pages
  • Product category pages

But first things first. You must follow the right URLs. There are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Short URLs are better than long URLs
  • The URL must match with the page title
  • Keyword stuffing won’t do the trick
  • The URL should be easy to read

Another tactic is to reduce thin content pages with long product descriptions. Generally, Google uses the content of other pages to see how they rank for each keyword. This explains why some keywords have longer reviews and descriptions.

Therefore, you should focus on writing long descriptions so that Google can work its magic effectively. When you write more, the search engines will be more accurate at ranking your keywords.

homepage ecommerce

Focus on Homepage SEO

If you want to excel in your ecommerce SEO, you should focus on the homepage. Some of the key things you should pay attention to are:

Homepage title tag

This is an important element of on-site optimization. A good title tag should have 70 characters and must be appealing to the visitors.

Homepage Meta Description

Your homepage should show less than 150 characters just beneath the title tag. You should put it in a way that encourages visitors to get to your website.

Homepage content

If you want to have a successful ecommerce SEO, you should help visitors learn about your business- avoid overloading them with too much information. For instance, you can consider featuring a few products on the homepage. If you have cluttered pages, you may end up confusing the search engines.

Google could also be struggling to identify the products you offer if you’re not specific about them.

boost sales with ecommerce seo

Ways to boost your sales with ecommerce SEO

If you want to compete with giants like Walmart or Amazon, you can’t underestimate the power of SEO. Through ecommerce SEO, your product will be discovered online, and most importantly, customers will make the right decisions. Here are a few ways you can better your ecommerce SEO.

Get organized

Just like in PPC, SEO matters too. If the content is scattered on your site, you have to work to improve site traffic. If you want to earn the NO.1 spot on the SERPs, you should put the most important content at the top and the least important at the bottom.

Establish Authority

This is an important concept to consider in your SEO strategy. One surefire way to establish authority is through influencer marketing. It helps to broaden your reach, improve credibility, and better ROI.

Make your site faster

Site performance is a crucial element for SEO. If the load speed is low, visitors will abandon your site. This is a critical element of ecommerce SEO. A faster website translates to a better user experience, which leads to higher conversions.

Final thoughts

If you want to increase sales on your e-commerce website, then SEO is a critical step. You can be sure of the discoverability of products. So, if your competitors are ranking higher on the SERPs, you should follow the above guide. It’s time you give your customers a reason to come back for more.