Affiliate Marketing Tips

Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Experiences of success and failure in affiliate marketing is right there in the affiliate links. Millions and millions of dollars in affiliate commissions go into the hands of the affiliate marketers who know how to make the most out of their affiliate programs. They know how to improve their web designs by utilizing the right content, and they are quick at writing good sales copy.

One of the ways to make money out of your affiliate marketing links, is to use the correct affiliate link. Too often is the affiliate links that go to the product review page, and these affiliate links are not known to convert. It is not uncommon to hear of the links going to the links that go to the sales page when selling the product.

So you have a small section of affiliates can turn into super affiliates in 10 minutes with a small sum of cash that you spent on nothing but their campaigns and links. If the links were placed in the correct context, the sites would convert. But we cannot put the links in that context if we want to make them convert!

We cannot be sure what product they would like to sell, though it’s clear that they must have the money to purchase the product from the seller. All we know is that you can place the affiliate links in the context of the sales copy, or in the overall context of the website.

You will have to do some math to find out if you have a better chance of making the conversion. If you can increase your conversion rate by 5% only on the sales or by 10%, then your sales conversion rate is 33%, and when the conversion rate drops, your income will be blown in the 10000 times even though it still converted well. So in the end, the secret to getting that extra 20% for the affiliate profits that you steal from customers is to actually work harder to give them a better deal.

The main piece of information that affiliate directories like Linkshare and CJ allow here is the “account status”. You get an amazing affiliate link that says “click here to buy this product such as blue star power systems‘, but the article is about something else.

Why not change it around to look like: “affiliates marketing”. People will click on that link if the articles and ads simply relate to what is on the sales page. The second page will “pre-sell” the visitors. There are a number of tricks that work. If you buy any of them, you will not see the results right away, but in time, those techniques will pay off. Once you find the right impact, you’ll see the affiliate links selling like crazy over time.

Be sure to utilize these three methods to put your affiliate products links to sell in the correct place. Remember to give them a better advert, and they’ll be the “plus ones” that sell.

Good luck in your affiliate marketing efforts.