How to Sell Anything on eBay

selling on eBay

One of the first questions people ask when they learn how to sell anything on eBay is “How much should I price my product for?”. And more importantly, “How can I get that product at a price that is fair to the masses AND profitable for my business?”, and “How do I get that product out to the masses without going broke”?

There are many different ways to find the pricing and yardstick for what pricing will be most profitable. And that is where many people get trip child-afraid and never get past that first question at all.

Be Fearless

Be confident and walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes while you are going over the book you have chosen to write about. Keep an open mind and watch others and go out in their shoes. Look at the many successful books out there with prices that make you laugh. A good indicator of how good a product is going to sell is the time it will be around. If there are a large number of folks raking in profits selling that product, then it is a good product to add to your arsenal.

Make an Offer

Contact the author or publisher of the book you are interested in (If they are smart they will contact you.) Again, do a little research and see what the book has ranking and status and how many books are being sold on it. Then, look at what they have pricing, the price that sells the best, and how many books are being sold. This will give you an idea of what the book sells for and what you can charge for your book. Combine the two and you will yield a rough price.

Let the Industry Do the Work for You

Selling books on eBay requires that you meet with the authors or publishers. Sit down with them and get some guidelines for your business. But even if you choose to do that, the job is still half of marketing because you still have to set-up the website, set-up the sales page, and be good enough to drive customers to your site, to set-up your payment system and so on. Only then will you have the traffic to your site and be able to sell the book.

In summary, once again, there are many ways to sell products on eBay, even such things as Roofing Replacement Texas. A good way to get some ideas is to go out and do a bit of research and find out which books are selling best on eBay. Choose one or two books to use as your example. If the books are popular overseas, dig in and get those books. But stay away from books from China, India, and similar sites, these markets on eBay sell better but are less profitable. Also let the industry do the work for you..

In closing there is just no way I can explain the thousands of books that sell on eBay for $100 (or more). These books sell every day. And some books, just like the books that I have been selling more than 50% of my time on eBay, do make a tidy profit. You just never know what kind of books can make a profit and I would love to show you mine in a book!