How to do Webinars

How to do Webinars

If you are planning to host webinars and teleseminars for your clients to interact via the internet, you must know the up-front costs involve. If your teleseminar or webinar course is packed with valuable information, chances are your clients will pay more for it. You need to do a price research before you start your course.

There are three basic pricing models in the internet marketing world of getting the most out of your webinars and teleseminars.

The first is the one-on one coaching. In this, your opt-in list members’ inquiries are reflected in a survey and feedback. It is not as personal as a virtual one-on-one. The best thing about this is that you charge more. But since the up-front fee is quite lesser, there is a tendency that you will get a digest of incredible knowledge from your clients.

The second model is the real time teleseminar. In this you are able to give a wide range of information when you call in the program. The information is recorded in traditional IPs, but you can post it in top sites like deliberation. This type of course is less personal, but also powerful because it gives more for the $20 fee.

The third model is the group coaching which is more personalized. Usually, a topic is chosen based on researched surveys and from the expertise of all the members of the club in the case when you resemble their auc demonstrate as an expert. When you conduct a teleseminar or webinar, you are able to target specific interest market. So this cost is either based on the number of topics you decide to teach or on the time you want to spend giving that lesson. This school model of course is targeted at your teaching capabilities to a specific group of people.

One great advantage of the seminar-based webinars is that they bring a chance to interact with the people you are teaching. In the traditional process, you are not able to hear personal opinions of those you are teaching your course to. Rather listen to their questions and suggestions. But this is not the case with the seminar-based webinar especially if it centers around Commercial Real Estate Loans. And you get to hear the real interviews of really useful information and strategies that your students can learn from. This will certainly make your course stand out and the people who are doing the event will feel very proud to be part of it.

If you have your own private memberships, then preferably make sure you include a discount price for the referrals. I personally know that like-minded people who have international subscribers are part of the most rewarding membership programs on the internet. One-on-one coaching takes the benefits of a free trial and you can ask on the most recent posts in forums what’s working for them and if you can include a link to your site and tel webseminars in there so only the people who receive it would be able to access your sales funnel in the form of sales messages.

There are literally hundreds of possible events but you simple just have to do some research into your niche and choose only those which have a higher response rate. Do not get caught up in the hype of some of them. Learn to differentiate between scams and the genuine offers.

How to use the information from teleseminars and webinars to drive traffic

A straight information product or good digital information is unlikely to drive traffic to the product. But it does grow into a list of interested and targeted prospects if you post the tele-seminars. These prospects will eventually buy more when you offer them a limited time or a bundled discount if they refer four or five new customers to you.

For you to attract more traffic to your affiliate product, they must be genuinely surprised about your product so that they can even better appreciate the diverse software, report or whatever it is that you are offering. Remember that the problem is not the product itself but it is the way you present it. If you are able to fulfil your promise with your prospects then they will trust you faster and you can rely on the fact that they will probably buy in the first place.

As you watch the results from your marketing activities, you will be seeing which affiliate product protocol you are able to make more money on and whether it is more profitable to use the email marketing instead of the webinars or other selling strategies.