Top Ecommerce Trends of 2021

Ecommerce Trends of 2021

Just as the seasons change, eCommerce does as well, and with the year almost halfway done, the trends are almost completely different from last year’s. To keep on top of things, eCommerce brands should make sure they stay with the newest trends shaping the industry. With the increasingly competitive industry, people need to keep on top of it to stay ahead of their competitors.

2020 was a massive shift in the eCommerce world and 2021 is no different, with amazing traction happening and not-so-amazing things happening to change the industry, these are some of the trends happening this year in 2021 to keep your brand moving forward and up.

Sales Growth

The most obvious change in most industries is sales growth, and the online sales growth of the eCommerce world is unstoppable. The sales have been growing right from the start and it is not slowing down this year, it’s only getting faster with the more interest and convenience that the internet provides. According to eMarketer, sales in eCommerce have been projected to increase by 26.7 percent each year, with the year 2021 being set at 4.9 trillion dollars. So, to say the least, there will be plenty to go around to every investor in the eCommerce world.

The popularity is not stopping with eCommerce, and as I said, it’s only speeding up. Depending on the region, sales online have only grown, and the trust that comes with that is growing as well, meaning more money for everyone, it’s a win-win for all. The comfort online shopping is now bringing, it’s not surprising that you may have a good future in eCommerce.

So, make sure you stay with the products people like, stay with what people are buying, and adapt if there is any change. It’s a good thing you’re here to stay on top of the industry.

Mobile Orders

What’s even less surprising than sales growth is the growth happening on mobile devices. With convenience comes sales, people only need to pull out their phones to buy something, and that’s good, because, for eCommerce investors, orders are only a click away, just as the products are only a click away from the customers.

The amount of money made through mobile orders is an astounding 2.7 trillion dollars, and that’s expected to grow to 18.8 percent, which is an incredible 16 trillion this year. Next year it’s projected to get up to 4 trillion, that’s something to look forward to.

This is something that investors really can’t ignore; the numbers just don’t lie. There is a market here that needs to be looked at and invest in to grow with the climbing industry. Mobile ordering is getting bigger every day, so make sure to include the mobile sides of things in your market.

We already talked about trust a little bit before, but it needs to be said that people naturally don’t trust mobile devices, they aren’t as official as a desktop, it feels like a risk being throwing away money into something that might mess up. But the rise in trust is increasing due to the faith already being put into them, every order they put into their mobile devices, the more things they want to buy after browsing needlessly waiting for day-to-day life to pass.

So, make sure your sites are mobile-friendly, make sure they are ready for any sale that could be made. I know this is a lot of work, so make sure you have a good workplace ergonomic set up to make it easier to do. Doing this can double, even triple your sales if you haven’t already set it up.

Personalization in sales

Over 50 percent of shoppers say that a personalized experience or product is extremely important in there day to day life, according to Bazaarvoice, back in 2018. The personification of sales and devices is incredibly important as they give a big impact on customer choices and the relationships that grow with the company.

If you can make your site personalized to your customers, then the satisfaction that customers will feel will be a large factor in their sales. Making sure that they have what they want being pulled up in front of them will help their browsing, letting them know that they have the type of products that they want and bringing it up will make sure they are ready to buy.

A ton of eCommerce businesses have already started personalizing their sites and have tried to make the shopping experience a better one for their customers. Some of the ways that personalization can be implemented in your business would be emails, making sure that the messages being sent out are what customers want to see and not just spam. Relevant discounts, video content, and brands will make things a lot easier for your business.

Visual Commerce

People want to see what they’re buying, not just read about it, the description that can’t quite give away the style of what they want. they won’t have a chance of any physical interaction with your products, making it a lot harder for them to buy, as they don’t have any trust invested in it. If you can implement visual commerce in your business, then you will find that it will take you to the next level in the industry.

Interactive content, product photos, consumer-generated media, videos, and augmented reality can be fun. Things like this can be amazing and convince your customers to buy the products that you’re selling.

This type of commerce is something that is slowly becoming an integral part of eCommerce, as people need that trust to make the sale. Image recognition markets are increasing annually, and like everything else, it’s not slowing down, but getting faster. Image recognition is a big part of the United States especially, which correlates with the demands that customers have with visual commerce. Keep all of this in mind when you reshape your business, it will be a lifesaver for your business and generate more sales for everyone, it’s another win-win situation. So, start incorporating those visual elements and you’ll start to grow trust from your customers, leading to more sales.


Subscriptions have been around already for quite a long time, giving customers the option of staying with the brands that they love and finding the new content that they release to make buying easier. But the increase is quite notable and should be taken into account.

The convenience of subscriptions is also really important to know, as convenience equals sales, people only need to open their email to see the emails that they get regularly because they signed up for it.

If you don’t already have a subscription service, even as simple as an email subscription, then it’s something that you should implement quickly to generate more sales and trust. With more repetitive and visual cues from a company, the trust that the brand has increased, meaning more sales.  

Independent Business Growth

Brand preference has gotten a little strange this year, as customers are starting to branch out from the regular big names of the online markets. That’s means that consumers have begun to buy from not just the big names, but smaller names such as the one your business carries. More than half of consumers say they would be willing to buy from different brands than they normally would.

This support is crazy good for business as it drives your sales way up. More support and trust gained from consumers means more money, so make sure to not lose the trust there putting into your business with this newfound exploration, if you do, they fall back on their usual sites.

The big reason that consumers are branching out is because of support for smaller businesses, which is a blessing, good customer service that they might not find at their usual brand, or unique products that only your brand can provide. So, make sure you don’t lose their trust with the new exploration, like I said, make sure your products are different from the normal brands, but also reliable, and make sure to keep up to date with what products consumers want. All of that is very important and you should keep it in mind to make sure your business stays afloat.

Social Media

Like subscriptions, social media has been around for quite some time, but social media has had a major increase in eCommerce sales. The introduction of the buy button on Facebook being a major example of how eCommerce is being affected by social media, with only a quick click, things can be bought. Speed and convenience are what sell in the eCommerce industry, and social media is providing it, giving its rise in popularity a major boost to every business, whether they’re big or small.

If brands can make a positive look on social media, then the trust they garner from it will be a great heap of sales for them. Brand deals can be made with influencers, large events on media can show off how fun the brand is, things that people like and are related to your brand means more money for everyone, and the amazing products you provide can be given to your customers.

Another great thing about social media is their connection to sites like Shopify, which can connect to a multitude of sites, that will help boost your relevance and your awareness to customers.

Don’t get left behind in the social media game, be relevant, make a few accounts for your business, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. They will all help you make your business successful and it’s something that will help it grow continually as the trend isn’t going to stop any time soon. The trend has hit its biggest year in 2021, but it won’t stop here, it will only get bigger with each year, so make sure to stay with it.


So, to recap, the trends that you need to follow are extremely important, and that’s why you’re here. The latest trends are your concern, and they need to be addressed as quickly as possible in order for you to compete in the industry.

You need to keep an eye on the sales growth, what your selling is important and the products that people want should be reflected by your business. Consumers buying things off their mobile devices is an amazing trend that has grown this year, it will help boost your numbers, as long as you make your site mobile friendly and be sure to make it convenient.

Personalizing your site and what people see is something that everyone loves and it’s a trend that has blown up in 2021, so make sure what they see is what they want to buy, otherwise, they won’t make the purchase that you need. Visual commerce has also blown up this year, viewers need to see what they’re buying, they need to see the style of products they want, and they need to know that what they’re looking at is what they want. Subscriptions are needed to remind your consumers that your still relevant, and its something they want as it has been asked for by a ton of people this year, it gives them the convenience of knowing your brand is there and ready to buy from, with the newest products you’ve put out.

Independent business growth has boomed this year especially as a smaller business hasn’t been doing too hot. Consumers are wanting to support you, and they want your unique product, all you have to do is follow the trend and let them buy from you. Lastly is the importance of your presence on social media apps and websites. Your brand needs to be everywhere to compete with other eCommerce businesses, social media has made it incredibly convenient for consumers to see what you’re selling, and they’ve made it easy for them to buy.

So, if you stick to all these trends and keep a constant update with them, you’ll find your business booming in no time, all you have to do is put in the hard work and find out what your consumers want.

How a Restaurant Ecommerce can Boost Business

ecommerce for a restaurant
Barista serving two happy customers at the coffee shop

The 2020 pandemic, which continues to bring fear to many people worldwide, has affected a lot of businesses to the point where some restaurant owners have to close down their establishments. If you are in the food business and want to boost your income, you will be able to do that when you turn to restaurant ecommerce.

The bitter truth that everyone should learn to accept and swallow is that things may never go back to normal – at least not yet. There are certain things that must be done, which may take time to accomplish before everyone’s life returns to normal. Restaurant owners are finding ways to recoup the lost earnings, stay in the business, and take advantage of new technology that can help bring in profit.

The most viable solution that can help generate more income is to adapt restaurant ecommerce. Take note of the following:

– 96 percent of Americans have bought something online at least once in their life.

– There are about 1.92 billion people who purchased services and goods online in 2019. In the same year, the e-retail worldwide sales surpassed $3.5 trillion.

– Based on the latest calculations, the growth of ecommerce will further accelerate.

– As millions of people stayed at home at the start of the pandemic, they turn to online shopping to buy things. In June 2020, the worldwide ecommerce traffic stood at 22 billion monthly visits and food was one of the most purchased items.

Based on the given data, restaurant ecommerce is booming, and the more reason why restaurant owners should take advantage of it to increase sales. But, what exactly is ecommerce?

Understanding Ecommerce

Ecommerce is also called internet commerce or electronic commerce. It refers to buying and selling services and goods via online or internet. The payment for the online transactions is also done in the same manner – through the internet. Ecommerce is any commercial transaction via the internet.

Through the years, ecommerce keeps getting better. It is now much easier and more convenient to buy or do business transactions online. Ecommerce is the substitute for a brick-and-mortar store. Many small business owners prefer to set up an ecommerce store, while medium to big businesses have both the physical store and ecommerce.

There are 3 basic things that you can do to benefit a lot from restaurant ecommerce:

Create a good online presence with your restaurant ecommerce website

– Use social media marketing to reach out to customers

– Engage in email marketing

Your ecommerce website represents your restaurant, and it is the site that your customers can visit when they want to buy something, know the things you offer, learn about the different promotions that you have, and others. You still need to do ecommerce marketing to drive traffic to your site and entice customers to come and visit.

Create a Nice Restaurant Website to Gain Good Online Presence

If you already have an existing restaurant ecommerce website, for example for equipment for a restaurant, make sure to keep it up-to-date regarding the latest happenings surrounding your restaurant. It is one of the important tasks that you need to do to boost your sales. If you neglect giving updates, your customers might think that you are no longer operating. Just imagine how many businesses are forced to close down due to pandemic.

You may have pop-up alerts on your homepage that promote the new products that you have and direct your customers to your ordering page. You can also use high-quality images to make every dish you offer to look scrumptious and divine – enough to make the people salivate and place their order right away.

You may also need to update the payment methods and include some of the popular ones, such as PayPal and Stripe. You will be able to entice more customers if you give them more ways to pay for the items they buy on your restaurant ecommerce website.

If you still don’t have a website yet, it’s about time to have one and establish a good online presence. An online presence makes it easy for your customers to find your restaurant ecommerce website online. It can give you the following benefits:

– Make it is much easier for customers who are looking for the things you offer to find you.

– It becomes easier for you to introduce your products and services on your restaurant ecommerce website.

– You will be able to foster good relationships with potential customers and current patrons.

Marketing your brand is a cinch when you have an online presence.

Although there are sites that offer DIY web design and development, you may not get the same quality as the one created by a reliable web design and development company.

Take note of the following when hiring a web design and development team:

– The company must be able to present some of their past works and credentials as well as testimonies from past clients.

– They should have a good reputation and online presence to prove their worth.

– They must be able to show good rapport and communication skills.

– The fees they charge should be reasonable.

– They should be easy to reach in case you need some help with your restaurant ecommerce website.

– They should be able to present pieces of evidence that prove their claims regarding their worth.

It is much better if you can find a web design and development company that has years of experience to back them up. Although, there are lots of novice web developers with promising futures.

Social Media Marketing for your Restaurant Ecommerce

More and more people are using different social media platforms to talk to friends, know the latest, and much more. The different social media platforms are the perfect avenue to let your customers know more about your restaurant. Among the different social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have the most number of members. According to the data that PEW Research Center has provided, men and women between the ages of 18 and older spend more time on Facebook and Instagram. The said social media platforms are the most ideal platforms to advertise your restaurant if you want to drive more traffic to your restaurant ecommerce website.

You can advertise your restaurant ecommerce for free, but you may not get the traffic that you expect to get. Your Facebook friends may share your posts about your restaurant, but it is not enough to boost your sales. You may still notice a significant change in your income after sharing a post about your restaurant.

It pays to obtain the outcome that you want to get. When you talk about ecommerce, Facebook is the most suitable choice for lead generation. Many advertisers who tried advertising their products on Facebook said that they paid less than a dollar for each lead.

You can do any of these most common social media advertising campaigns to promote your restaurant:

– Free delivery (with minimum purchase and within a certain area)

– Freebies

– Discounts

– Deals for combo meals

You need to do the following to set up Facebook advertising campaigns for your restaurant ecommerce website:

1. You need to have a Facebook account for your restaurant ecommerce site first so create one now if you still haven’t.

2. Open your account and log-in to the Ads Manager of Facebook. Do the following:

– Choose the Campaigns tab and click Create.

– You will be presented with various marketing objectives, and you only need to choose the one that can help you accomplish your aim.

3. Choose a suitable name for your ads.

4. If you still don’t have an ad account, you can create one by clicking the Set Up Ad Account button.

5. Choose a page where you want to put your restaurant ecommerce campaign to attract the right audience.

6. Select the spots where you want your ads to appear or you can choose Automatic Placements.

7. Set your schedule and the amount that you are willing to spend.

8. Pick the format that you want to follow before you create your ads.

Facebook offers advertisers a more advanced targeting than any other social media platforms. You can target based on the location, interest, past activities, and others. You will be able to entice more customers if you have the correct audience to introduce a particular offer of your restaurant ecommerce website.

If you want to use Instagram to promote your restaurant, it is recommended to use images with high resolution. Instagram has the highest engagement rate among the social media platforms, including Facebook. It is famous for its videos and images. A restaurant ecommerce website owner will surely gain a lot of benefits in using Instagram. The visuals of the scrumptious dishes will surely entice the onlookers even more.

Most users of Instagram are 18 to 29 years old. It also appeals more to women and minorities. If you want to introduce a new dish to millennials, you will gain a lot in using Instagram for your campaigns. You may directly link your Instagram ads to a page on your website to allow the users to engage directly with the things in your restaurant ecommerce website.

Facebook is also the owner of Instagram. Setting up ads on Instagram is the same as how you do it on Facebook. However, you need to have a Facebook page to run your Instagram ads.

Once you logged into the Facebook portal of your restaurant ecommerce website you need to pick the account that you want to use.

After that, you can proceed with the following:

1. Pick an editor where you will create your ads, and you may use the following tools for your Instagram:

– Power Editor

– Ads Manager

– Facebook Ads API

2. Pick your objective, which should be suitable to the aim of your campaign. It could be any of the following:

– Boost your posts

– Get video views

– Get lots of conversions

– Obtain sizeable traffic

3. Decide on the type of audience you want to attract.

4. Decide where you want to put your ads.

5. Set your schedule and budget.

6. Let your imagination go wild when making your ads but make sure that it is appropriate to the objective and theme of your campaign.

7. Create the links and page.

8. Observe the performance of your campaign.

You can make some adjustments if you think that your campaign is not doing great. However, you also need to give it some time before you make the necessary adjustments.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

In the modern restaurant landscape, it is important to include email marketing in your business operation. You can build your email lists through your restaurant website with the help of a simple email capture form.

Through email marketing you can:

– Tempt loyal customers with promo codes, which are included in your newsletter, to try the dishes that you offer at discounted prices.

– Update them of the latest happenings in your restaurant and make them feel like the number one customer by letting them know first before the rest of the crowd.

– Offer them to give a gift card to a friend by buying it from your website.

– Make your customers keep coming back to your website to order the new, limited dish or refreshment that you have just concocted.

– Let your customers know about the upcoming changes that your restaurant may have.

– If your area already allows dine-ins, you may tell your customers that you and your team are doing everything you can to make sure that they will have a safe, enjoyable dining experience.

– Impart some tips that your customers will find useful, especially regarding proper storage of foods or anything that has something to do with your business or brand.

Don’t make your email sound like a bot has created it. Add a bit of your personality to let your customers feel that you care for them more than doing business. You want them to enjoy their meal and put their minds at ease even for a bit during this pandemic.

You can also provide useful, relevant content to your customers as part of your restaurant ecommerce marketing. You need to keep your customers curious about your restaurant and give them something new now and then to keep them coming back for more.